Chalking a waterfall

Submitted by: Texasmissy Date Added: 22-Jun-09

A short video on basic techniques of how to use Fairytale Creations templates to chalk a beautiful waterfall. The two templates used are called "Chalk Talk 1" and "Gracious Gardens". Chalk Talk 1 was used for the waterfall and rocks, and gracious gardens was used for the vines along the sides of the waterfall.

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that is beautiful! i've had so much trouble trying to use my chalks, as i am a beginner at scrapbooking. i tried using the little applicators supplied with the chalk and they are rubbish. so not only have i seen some of your beautiful work, i have also learned that simple cotton buds and cotton wool are fantastic tools! thanks =)

Wow, thats amazing.

tfs. I love it.

I love watching what she can do with chalks...her creations always come out so beautifully!!!! I've just recently gotten back into using my I love this video to give me even more ideas.

Very nice. I have this same Fairytales Creations template, but had forgotten how to make a waterfall with it.

Wow - talk about blessed with artistic ability! I would have never thought to do that with just chalk and a template. In fact, I've never even thought that I could use doodling templates with chalk, but now I want to try it.

wow!!!! pretty amazing!!!! she is so talented and i need to go out and buy chalk lol that is a great set of colours as well.

Very cool! I bought some chalks and was having a hard time trying to do something with them. I actually have some pics from a waterfall to scrap so I'm going to give this a try.

Wow! She makes this look so easy! May have to give this one a try...haven't used my chalks in forever!

This is great! I love it.

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  • 07-Oct-09

    Rahulsmom Says:

    It is gorgeous. Love how she is able to do the chalking with just that slight stroke of her hand...very artistic.

  • 07-Oct-09

    Mom2ashlynn Says:

    That is awesome! Dont think id be talented enough to do it though. Im gonna go buy chalks now though so I can try it!

  • 07-Oct-09

    Shelwriter Says:

    She makes this look so easy - but I'm not sure I'm talented enough to do this. I need chalks though! :)

  • 07-Oct-09

    Tracy F Says:

    Wow! She makes it look so easy!

  • 06-Oct-09

    Bugglebum Says:

    I really love that look, I can add chalk to my Christmas list now.

  • 06-Oct-09

    LeslieLawter Says:

    I have watched some other video's by the same person recently to learn how to use the chalk that I had just purchased. Very inspirational.

  • 06-Oct-09

    Unknown Says:

    Wow, she makes it look so easy (I'd mess it up, I'm sure of it...hehehe).

  • 06-Oct-09

    Writerlady Says:

    That's amazing. I could not have imagined creating such a lovely picture with chalk and those templates. TY for the inspiration!

  • 06-Oct-09


    I love chalks but have never done anything like this, it is beautiful.

  • 06-Oct-09

    Kariyava Says:

    Is there anyone who has incorporated this type of chalking into an actual layout? I would love to see it.

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