Ali Edwards Journaling Class - 05 - "You Should Know"

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Lesson #5 from Ali Edwards' Free Journaling Class at Shop for Ali Edwards products here.

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Love this is so cool. Thanks Ali for all the awesome prompts for this Journaling Class.

Thank you for the videos on journaling. What simple prompts and yet powerful! Thank you for sharing with us not only your tips but also giving us examples to clarify the possibilities. It is a wonderful gift.

This has been a fantastic series on journaling. It spurs us scrapbookers to go beyond the who, what, where and why and dig deep. But it also reminds us that journaling doesn't have to be hard. Our journaling words are already in our heads; a part of who we are; our experiences, thoughts and feelings. Thank you, Ali and Fabulous!

I could not hear this lesson.

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