Ali Edwards Journaling Class - 01 - A Day In The Life

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Lesson #1 from Ali Edwards' Free Journaling Class at 

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I'm going to pick Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing what I come up with. :)

I'm trying to pick a day for the following week as this week is already loaded too heavy. I am excited to do this because in my mind's eye I can never remember ever trying to find time in a day to write much of anything down as I was too busy trying to get 24 hours of work into one 12 hour day. lol. So thank you Ali for Lesson 1 and I am looking forward to doing this and seeing what it brings forth. PaleMoon

I am glad you said for me to pick a day, and it wasn't today! Yeah. I have been on the phone to a computer geek all morning, and I was ready to throw out my new computer. Phew!

This will be hard for me as my day is so different in the summer then durning the school year. With school ending in three days, only one of those being a normal day, I am not sure if I should pick next Monday, the last normal school day, or next wedensday, a busy day, but more a summer break day. This will be a hard decision.

Wow this first lesson is something. I picked Thursday of next week. And I'm super excited. Because I have never done a day in my life before and excited to see where it takes me. Great day one. AJ-

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