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Article Courtesy by Andrea Steed

Any office and scrapbook space goes through a natural evolution.  In 2000, I began with a Rubbermaid tub and some floor space, quickly moved to a card table and Crop-in-Style  XXL, and not long after decided I needed a more permanent set-up!  In 2004, I put together this room in our house in Minnesota:


Ooh, it was wonderful!  A whole spare bedroom to myself, with a door that I could close and a whole closet to fill!

But then, we had children and moved to Alabama, where it was no longer practical for me to have my very own room with a door.  So, I took possession of the formal dining room in our new home (and we eat in the kitchen).  My new office sits right off the kitchen and living room, in the middle of the house and all the activity.  It's much easier for me to scrapbook or work at my desk while the kids play or my husband watches television (or cooks dinner) without having to leave the main area of the house.

Here's a look at where I work now:


Click here for a large labeled image showing where I store different items.

I kept most of my storage solutions intact from my old office (see links below), but needed to add some additional storage for my growing collection and lack of closet space.  The IKEA Expedit shelves and fabric drawers from Target were the perfect solution.

Finally, if you're REALLY interested in taking a look around, here's a link to an 11-minute video tour of all the goods: Andrea's Scrap Room Video Tour

Enjoy!  I definitely do.  It's been a great place to work and create, right in the middle of our house, where I can still be involved with everything else that's going on...


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