Album Idea: A Year of Meals

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

Have you ever sat down and journaled about your favorite foods? Have you included a favorite recipe in your scrapbook? Have you have saved a list of what you ate for the week? It is enjoyable to keep track of these food habits and preferences. I have done it occasionally but I decided this year to be more intentional about it. I decided to create an entire album about the meals our family shares together.

“My Year of Meals” album includes several things – dinner menus, favorite recipes, food photography, and favorite restaurants. To make the process as easy as possible I chose to use a pre-designed template that can be adapted for several looks.

Dinner Menu Plans. “My Year of Meals” album includes a list of the things we have been eating for dinner. To keep the process easy, I left space for adding the meals and allowed for two weeks on one page. After two weeks the same format can be repeated for the next two weeks. If possible, keep this page easily accessible so you can update it daily.

Favorite Recipes.  I also wanted a place to keep my favorite recipes. In this two-page spread, I featured the recipes on one side and a photograph of the food on the other side. The template is basic and all that needs to be changed is the recipe and photograph. Include your favorite recipes and place them near a menu plan that has the recipe mentioned.


Food Photography. Within the pages of the album, photographs of the foods, both homemade and restaurant foods, are included. Remember to take photographs of your meals. You can use photographs of the preparation of the food  or a photo of the finished food. For suggestions on how to photograph food, see the Scrapjazz article on food photography.

Favorite Restaurants. Another part of our family meals is going out to eat. Whether fast food or a nice sit-down dinner, include your favorite restaurants and photographs of your favorite foods.

Whether you want to do a year devoted to family food or just a small focus, use these ideas to get started on the meals and restaurants your family enjoys. Bon Appetit!

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