Photo Challenge: Underwater Camera Pics

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Article Courtesy by Michelle Francis

Have you ever wanted to be able to take pictures from below the water’s surface, instead of always being above it? I’m usually nervous that I’ll ruin my camera by getting it too close to the water, or worse, what if it falls in? Then I’ve really ruined my camera. I’ve looked into different types of ways to take pictures underwater and here is what I’ve found.

Disposable Underwater Cameras:

I’ve used the disposable underwater cameras in the past and if these were the only option available, I would continue to use them.


  • Fairly cheap – they can start as low as $6
  • No worries about ruining your digital camera
  • Can be used outside of the water as well
  • Takes pictures up to 17 feet (check individual cameras for depths)


  • Images sometimes turn out blurry or grainy – especially when there’s not enough light
  • Limited as to the amount of pictures you can take

Waterproof Cases for Your Digital Camera:

I purchased a case from DiCAPac after reading online reviews. Make sure to follow instructions to check your new waterproof bag  before using with your camera.


  • Small enough to pack
  • Much cheaper than a separate camera
  • Use your own digital camera
  • Take clear photos from underwater
  • Can take as many pictures as your camera will hold
  • Guaranteed up to 16 feet
  • Also works to keep out sand and snow


  • Occasionally when zoomed in, corners can be missed and will show up as dark area (notice the black in the upper left corner).Hard to see the preview screen
  • Takes a couple minutes to get the camera in and out of the bag

Waterproof Camera:

I asked Christy Reid (’s Florida Scrapper) about her waterproof camera. She has the Olympus Stylus 1030SW.


  • Can be used as regular camera
  • Records video  so you can use it on water rides
  • Waterproof up to 33 feet
  • Takes bright, clear pictures
  • Can take as many pictures as your camera will hold


  • Can be over $300

Next time you are going to be getting wet, whether playing at the water park or diving, try taking some pictures underwater.  There are so many wonderful images you can capture and you’ll soon find reasons to take pictures not only on land, but at sea.


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