Travel Scrapbooking: Israel

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Article Courtesy by Rachel Myerson

Israel is one of the oldest and most interesting places in the civilized world. Jerusalem is historically significant for three major world religions while also being a thriving modern city. Israel is also a destination for those interested in history and archeology, with many museums and unique archeological sites such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and the latest excavations near the Western Wall.  People also visit Israel for business and pleasure with beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean and Red Sea as well as skiing and mountain biking on Mount Hermon. This variety provides a wide range of opportunities for photography and scrapbook pages.


I would suggest bringing an assortment of photographic equipment to Israel. When visiting religious sites, it might be preferable to have a camera that can take decent indoor photos with available light or a long zoom lens so as not to disturb people at holy sites. Make sure your camera is able to handle very bright sunlight for sunny locations in the desert. If you are going to be visiting beaches, hiking through waterfalls at Ein Gedi, taking photos in the Dead Sea, or snorkeling, you might want to bring a waterproof camera as well.

Journaling and Memorabilia

When traveling to a destination such as Israel, it is a great idea to keep a journal. Make note the names of places you visit, any facts you learn, and your feeling about visiting these special places. This journal will come in handy when you get home and start sorting through all your photos.

As you travel through Israel, you may find that it is not permitted to take pictures of certain holy sites. In these cases, consider saving memorabilia such as brochures, or purchasing postcards to use on your scrapbook pages. If you bring home a few coins, they can be used as embellishments as well.

Page Ideas

It is easy to fill an album, and then some, about your trip to Israel. Here are a few page ideas to consider:

  • Where did you go? I was lucky enough to find this map of Israel that I was able to use to describe our primary destinations. Even if you can’t find paper like this, it might be a good idea to devote a single layout to summarizing your itinerary.

  • Jerusalem is an experience like no other. Remember to take pictures of the architecture as well as all the sites you visit.  The Western Wall, the Holy Sepulcher, and the Dome of the Rocks are all important buildings that you may want to dedicate a layout to. Mimi Klein used her zoom lens to get two different perspectives in this layout about the Western Wall. Close-up photos of the wall around the city will make for an interesting layout that captures some of what makes Jerusalem unique.

  • People are an important part of your trip as well. If you visited relatives, then you may want to create several pages of your album about them. In your journaling, you will want to include their first and last names, how old they are, and how long it had been since you’ve seen them. On my husband’s first trip to Israel, he was six years old and traveled with his parents and grandfather. The grandfather got off the plane and kissed the ground and then went off to visit with his brother that he hadn’t seen in over 60 years, while the rest of the family toured. If your trip includes a visit like this, don’t forget to get some photos and capture it in your journaling. If you travel on a tour, try to get a photo of your group and journal about the people in the group. If you are traveling with friends or a family, make sure you find someone to take a few pictures of you and your group.
  •  As you experience the history of Israel, you also experience modern culture: the people, the food, the shopping, and the language. These are all items worth including on your scrapbook pages. Israel grows some of the best fruits and vegetables in the world. On our trip, we really enjoyed the food and I created this layout to capture our Israeli dining experiences.

    Mimi created this layout about the Souk, also known as the Arab Market.

  • As you travel south from Jerusalem you will discover three experiences right next to each other that are completely unique: floating on the Dead Sea, hiking through the waterfalls at Ein Gedi, and visiting the ruins on Masada. If you make this excursion, you will want to devote at least one page to each of these adventures.

  • There are some very serious things to visit in Israel, such as Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial. If you visit a place like this, you might want to take a different approach to your scrapbook page. For my page on Yad Vashem, I kept it simple and harsh with minimal embellishments.


There are very few Israel-themed scrapbook products available for purchase, so there is plenty of opportunity to be creative. However, there are plenty of travel-themed products available, which may be suitable for some of your pages. If your Israel trip includes a visit to the beach or any of the seas, consider using beach-themed products on your pages. As you are scrapping your visits to religious sites, you might want to consider Christian- or Jewish -themed products. Mimi used the papers from Crafting Jewish Style  in this great layout about her trip.

Religion, history, adventure, family – there are so many reasons to visit Israel. I hope this article has given you ideas about scrapbooking your visit to this diverse and special place.


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