Organizing Photographs for Layouts

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

I am an organized person. I can’t stand mess. This applies to my scrapbooking as well. In order to create layouts I have to have my supplies and photographs organized. Since I like to know which pictures I haven’t scrapped and which I have scrapped, I have created a method to keep my photograph organized for layouts.

Here’s how I keep my photographs organized:

Download Them. The first step to keeping photographs organized for layouts is to download them from your camera and/or have them printed. Photographs cannot be organized if they are not available. The longer you wait to download or print them, the more work you will have to do when you finally get to it. I have a digital camera so I try to download my camera before there are too many photographs on the camera. In an ideal situation, I will download them after every event.

Pick and Chose. Go through your digital photos or your prints and choose the ones you want to use for a scrapbook page. Not every photograph is worthy of scrapbooking so be selective. Be especially prudent when you have many photographs of the same thing.

Organize the Photographs in Folders. After choosing the photographs organize them in folders. If you are using prints, use manila folders. If you are organizing digital photographs, make copies of the prints you want to use and then put them in digital folders. I create a master folder and then put subfolders in the master folder for various subjects. My master folder is titled something to indicate the wider subject such as “Vacation 2010” or “2010.” The master folder is often the topic of a digital scrapbook album. Within the folder, I will place the copies of the photographs I want to use to cover that topic. Then I will make subfolders to break down those photographs into more specifics topics such as a place, event or person.

For example, I created a master album called “Vacation2010” and then created subfolders for various topics.

Then, I used subfolders like “Old Faithful” and “Mammoth Springs” and put the corresponding photographs into those folders. This makes it easy to see what photographs I have for that topic.

I put all my photographs that I want to scrapbook in folders. This helps me see what layout topics I have to do and how many photographs I have for that topic.

Delete While Working. When I want to make a layout, I search the folders and pick one that interests me. I will work with the photographs in that folder to make a layout. When I have used a photograph in a layout, I will go to its folder and delete either the folder or the photographs I used. This keeps my folders “clean” and I know whether I’ve scrapped a photograph yet.

This organization helps keep the process of scrapbooking organized and streamlined. If you find yourself needing to be a little more organized, try this method.


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