Album: Christmas Year by Year


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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

One delightful way to remember Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is to create an annual Christmas scrapbook to celebrate these days. By creating a format that is repeated year after year, you can keep the memories of the holidays alive. It is also a quick and easy way to record this busy season.

The Album. First create the skeleton of the album. Choose a size. 8 ½” x 11” and 12” x12” are good traditional sizes but you may use a smaller size as well. Consider how much information you’ll want on the pages and the size of the photographs you will be using. If using paper products find a nice album in your desired size. If using digital, create a front and back cover. Whichever you choose, keep the design simple to last for many years. Use colors that feel appropriate for the Christmas season.

The Contents. Next, decide what you want to have as the contents of the album. The inside of the album will have similar pages each year. This will keep the album simple and easy to use. The following are some ideas for pages that could be repeated each year:

  • Christmas Eve. Often events occur on Christmas Eve too so don’t forget to highlight those on a page.
  • Christmas Decorations. Feature the new and old decorations that are being used this Christmas season.

  • News. Include news from the world, country and your local area. These will be a reminder of what was happening that Christmas.
  • Christmas Family Portrait. Include a page of your family together on Christmas.

  • Christmas Day. Celebrate the day on a page. Here is a great place to include the many photographs taken on Christmas Day, or tell a special story.

  • Christmas Day Facts. Include a page about the facts about the day such as with whom you spent the day, what presents people received, or what your favorite activities are.
  • Christmas Day Dinner. A scrapbook page on the dinner could include photographs of the meal as well as a recipe.

Embellishments. Use simple embellishments that you will be able to repeat throughout the years. Keep the colors of the papers and embellishments coordinated. If you are doing a paper album, buy a large quantity of supplies at the onset so you have the same items to use year after year.

Keep It Updated. The key to a great year-by-year album is to keep it current. You may choose to go back and start with an older year and get up to date. That will provide a great space for all those Christmas memories. But continue to add as each year comes. Mark your calendar for a day in the next year in which you would like to have the Christmas update done. Keep to your goal.

Use these tips to simplify your Christmas scrapbooking, making your holiday album a treasure for years to come.



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