July 2011 Sketch Challenge

By: Scrapbook.com

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Denise Gormish


I love the look of a large photograph in a layout. It provides focus for the subject in the layout and has a dramatic impact on the whole feel of the layout. The July 2011 sketch features a space for a large photograph. The size of the photograph area makes it the obvious subject of the layout. The sketch also has a big space for a title. The rest of the space is seemingly empty. The simple design of the sketch gives lots of room for interpretation. The sketch can be a simple graphic design or it can be embellished much more to fit any style.

Three scrapbookers created layouts using this month's sketch. Each of them used the sketch and designed three unique and beautiful layouts. Here are the results:

Bear at the Beach by Melanie Grimes

Melanie Grimes brought the subject photograph down to the lower 1/3 of the page. The positioning of the photograph put the focus of the page on the photograph and specifically her subject. The paper below and above the photograph blends perfectly into the entire layout. It gives the feeling of the beach.

Butterflies by Linda Rodriguez

Linda Rodriguez added interest to the border around the photograph by using stitching and ripped papers. The repetition of the color on the top and bottom brings the layout together and focuses the viewer's eye on the photograph. Her beautiful text and butterfly embellishment adds to the simple beauty of her page.

Kick It by Denise Gormish

My layout focused on a part of my daughter that's important to her - her foot and a soccer ball. The large photograph allowed me to focus on these specific elements of her love of soccer. To tie the layout together, I used a large title and then used text and word art opposite the title. The three areas of text unite the layout. I used a dark background to make the text and photograph stand out from the background.

Although the sketch is shown in a 12"x12" paper format, it is adaptable. Simply stretch the photograph across the width of the page.

Whatever size or format, take a look at this sketch and create your own layout. Have fun with the sketch and remember to post your layouts to the gallery to share with everyone.

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