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The vast majority of manufacturers of scrapbook supplies and tools have been in business for less than 10 years. Fiskars was established in 1649, making it an amazing 364 years old! That is only one of the many ways in which Fiskars stands out from the crowd.

For many generations, Fiskars manufactured only forged-steel tools. Then in 1967, Fiskars introduced a revolutionary product: the world's first plastic-handled scissors. Not only were they much lighter and more comfortable than forged scissors, but the cutting precision and quality were outstanding. They were so good, in fact, that it was common for moms to declare the orange-handled scissors off-limits to the rest of the family! Since their introduction 46 years ago, Fiskars has sold more than one billion pairs. People around the world are familiar with Fiskars because of these iconic orange-handled scissors.

Speaking of orange, did you know that the orange color that we associate with Fiskars came about accidentally? When the Fiskars engineers first designed those plastic-handled scissors, they made a prototype using the leftover resin in a molding machine. That resin happened to have been used to make an orange-colored orange juicer. When it came time to decide what color to make the scissors for the first manufacturing run, orange beat out black by only two votes. The scissors were produced with orange handles. They became so popular that Fiskars trademarked the color (Fiskars Orange) of the orange-handled scissors. It's hard to know if Fiskars plastic-handled scissors would have been as successful had they been black instead of the distinctive orange we all know and love.

Fiskars is the number one scissors brand in the world, but they make so much more than scissors. Fiskars produces a large number of innovative, comfortable and user-friendly tools for gardening and yard care, including: loppers, pruners, saws, snips, axes, rakes, shovels, cultivators, mowers, and more. They make rain barrels and accessories, composters, and garden bags and storage containers. Most of their garden and yard care tools feature Fiskars Orange. All feature the quality, durability and value you expect from Fiskars.

Fiskars makes many of the tools used for sewing and quilting. They make dozens of fabric shears with blades from 5 inches to 10 inches long. Their line of rotary cutters includes standard and specialty blades. They make rulers, squares and cutting mats to make it easy to cut fabric quickly and accurately.

And, of course, Fiskars makes high-quality, innovative tools for crafters. Fiskars paper trimmers are designed to be easy to use and to make straight, clean cuts exactly where you want them. Their rotary blade trimmers can cut through multiple sheets of paper without tearing or fanning, while their bypass trimmers feature self-sharpening blades that allow you keep on cutting.

Fiskars makes many different styles of punches, including: corner punches, hand punches, border punches, lever punches, squeeze punches, the Everywhere Punch Window System, and the AdvantEdge Punch System. Several of their punches have been awarded the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation.

Fiskars makes several styles of stamps, stamp blocks, and inks, as well as the very popular Stamp Press. Their Package Opener makes it a breeze to open even the most stubborn of packaging. They offer Paper Edgers, Texture Plates, a Paper Crimper, eyelet setters, tweezers, craft knives, hand drills, the Ultra ShapeXpress and so much more. The Fuse Creativity System is one of the latest innovations from Fiskars. It combines die-cutting and letterpress in one easy pass. These are just some of the high-quality, cutting-edge products that Fiskars makes.

Fiskars has over 4000 employees in 20 countries, all dedicated to creating innovative, functional, user-friendly products that make doing the activities you love a little easier and a lot more rewarding. Their tools are designed specifically to help complete tasks intuitively and with as little effort as possible. With over 360 years of experience manufacturing tools, it's no surprise that Fiskars is a leader in the industry today.

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I love all things that are Fiskars. My craft studio is filled with Fiskars tools.