Memory File Scrapbooking With Heidi Swapp

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Join Heidi Swapp as she takes you on a four-part Memory File Scrapbooking adventure. Share in-depth stories and showcase more photos with her innovative, interactive products. Keep the album simple or make it as elaborate as your imagination allows. Heidi shares insightful tips, tricks, and outside-the-box ideas to help you pack each mini album with 35-55 photos, or MORE!

Heidi includes several examples of the following techniques:
- Deciding between a mini album or desktop-style mini album
- Adding extra pages and interactive components to make your mini album more robust
- How to bind the album together to get the look, feel, and size you want to achieve
- Get more photos in less space with Photo Stacks, Collages, Openables, Envelopes, and more

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