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Good morning ladies. Up early to get myself in gear today. Lots of errands to run. I didn't go out of my house yesterday at all. I had a minor procedure done on my nose Friday and I didn't want to go out with a bandage on it (vanity!) so I stayed indoors. LOL Today is the first day it can go uncovered so I think I'll go get some groceries.

Thanks for your thoughts on the steam cleaner Bren. Next time there's a deal on one at Kohls (one of my favorite stores!) I'm going to just go get it!

Maggie, how is your dd feeling? I hope she's better, poor darlin'!

Dawna, sounds like you had a great day with your friends at brunch. And, yes I agree about meeting someone and instantly feeling comfortable with them like you've known them forever. Love when that happens!

Lorna, how did the birthday party go??

Bon, have a wonderful time celebrating with your family today!!

DD1 is around town today -- she came in last night to meet up with some friends at one of their colleges and is coming by for lunch today. I'm making her her favorite meal -- chicken, brocoli and ziti. I'm making dd2 hers -- vegetarian chili. It's tough having so many different pallettes to feed. Dh is a true meat and potatoes kind of guy, dd1 loves good food but is health conscious so things are usually modified to fit that bill, and dd2 is a vegetarian. Needless to say, meals can get tricky around here!

Okay, enough procrastination. Gotta get a move on so I can be done in time for my Sunday ritual -- FOOTBALL and scrapping!

Have a wonderful day ladies!

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