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Dashe, I think we're soulmates! I have to write everything according to AP style as well. I will never put a comma before 'and' in a list, and I refuse to accept that 'canceled' can have two Ls.

Web site is always two words, Internet is always capitalized and I never use zip code abbreviations for states anymore (California is Calif., not Ca, Arizona is Ariz., not Az, and Delaware is Del., not De).

My biggest pet peevs, though, stem from grammar, not AP style. It drives me nuts when people use 'good' instead of 'well,' and as strange as it sounds, 'nauseous' instead of 'nauseated' (It's almost always supposed to be the latter, as in "I feel nauseated").

I hate the way ZIP code states look! (Same with Street, Avenue, etc., when necessary.)

I had a flashback the other day to my first internship after my freshman year of college, where I was writing a story about a couple running a marathon in honor of their neighbor. My editor was going over the article with me, and in front of the word marathon, she wrote "26.2-mile." And I told her that she didn't need to do that because it was redundant. I almost thought I was going to have to take my byline off the story because I was so embarrassed by that! (Eventually another editor there told her the mileage wasn't necessary, thank goodness!)

I think the spelling perfectionist in me comes from having names (first, middle and last) that get butchered all the time. I hate when my name is misspelled!

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