There are several ways to chose the colors you are going to use on your page. A very important tool to have is a color wheel before making your selection. Another important tip is minimize your selections to three colors. I will elaborate on this later. Start with your photo since it is the source of why you scrapbook. Let's say your dd has on a pretty pink dress and you want to draw attention to the dress. You have several options to choose from; a monochromatic (using the same color in it's tint, tone and shade), analogous (colors that lie next to each other on the color wheel), complementary (colors that cross each other on the color wheel), diad (colors that are two color apart), triad (colors that are three equal colors apart), tetrad (two sets of complementary colors), or even a split complement scheme(a color and it's complements side partners).

Here are examples of each using the color pink:
monochromatic: pink, dk pink, red or deep red
analogous: pink, lite orange, red violet
complementary: pink-lt green, blue-orange
diad: red, orange, yellow
triad: red, yellow, blue
tetrad: red and green, blue and orange
split complement: pink (complement is green)so the colors would be pink, yellow green, and blue green.
Remember in each category you are allowed to use any tint, shade or tone of the color.

Now that you have chose your color scheme, how much of each color do you use? Start with you main color ie. pink. I'm going to demo using a complementary scheme. Pink will be the dominate color, green is my secondary color you will less of this color. The colors should not compete with each other. The third color should should be a neutral color because when you cross warm colors with cool colors, (which happens in complementary colors choices), it helps the colors stand out and not compete with each other. That is why you will sometimes see pink, green, black, and/or white. Another example is blue, orange and tan. I hope this info was helpful.