Sun-Warmed Layouts

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Article Courtesy by Michelle Francis

I’m usually good at walking down an aisle at the scrapbook store or browsing online and not buying something, but I have a weakness for anything to do with warm weather. Yes, I have a lot of pictures featuring things that can be done in warm weather, but you know it’s a problem when your friends start calling you out on your purchases of all things sun-related.

I wandered the Scrapjazz gallery to find some inspiration by using the search word “sun” and found a lot of great inspiration for my own sun layouts.

  • When I came upon DBurns’ layout,  titled “You Are My Sunshine,” my eyes were immediately drawn to the bright colors she used. She used part of the actual song in her layout as the journaling and carried the music notes throughout the page. The birds, flowers, and clouds automatically take me to a warm sunny day. I can almost hear the birds chirping.

  • The summer sun was the theme of Suzannecwalker’s layout. Although her colors were more subdued, the brightness of the golden sun and blue water really makes the page pop. I also like that she “dirtied” up the clouds a little bit.

  • Like Susan Budge, I like to make my two facing pages match. In her layout, “Fun in the Sun,” Susan used the bright yellows, oranges, and blues to show the brightness of the summer sun. I also like how the sun pokes through the waves of paper on each page.

  • After seeing Lilnefie’s “You remind me of Sunshine” layout, I had a hard time thinking of my own layout design. I love her use of paper strips to create a two-page layout of the sun. The description of the little boy reminding her of sunshine is perfect when you see his adorable smile and red hair.

Now that I’d been inspired, I decided to dig out some of my sun-themed paper and make a layout. I found some paper I had bought that was the same as what Susan used in hers. It wasn’t on purpose, but her layout led me right to the perfect paper in my stash. It’s from Fancy Pant’s Summer Soiree collection.  She also added a little glitter to hers, and since shiny things remind me of the summer sun, I added some Stickles to the page on top of one of the printed suns and the word “Splash” in the bottom left corner.

I took the three-dimensional design from DBurns to make my waves pop off the page. The photos I used were inspired by the photo on Suzanne’s layout.  I then found another page from the Summer Soiree line that reminded me of Lilnefie’s layout and used it as a background for my wave page.

Whether you’re scrapbooking a trip to the beach or someone who makes you smile, using some inspiration from the sun will really brighten up your page.


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