Printing, Stamping or Drawing Text in a Circle

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Article courtesy; by Denise Gormish

Scrapbook designs featuring circles are very popular. Circles can be used for embellishments, photographs, and journaling. One fun way to use a circle in journaling is to add the text in a circular shape. You can use a computer, stamp, rub-ons or ink to create text in a circular shape.

Computers. With the use of photo-editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Elements, scrapbookers have the option of creating text in a circle. You can use a template for a circular text, download an image with a circular text or create circular text on your own. In "If You Blink" I shaped the text in a circle using Adobe Photoshop.


After opening a new blank document, I created two text entries of about the same length. I made each text entry circular by using the Create Warped Text function. By setting the warp function to an Arch and changing the percentage of the bend, I was able to create a half circle of text. By bending the second text entry in the opposite direction, I had two opposite arches of a circle. I then placed them opposite each other and merged them into one image.


In "Sisters" I used a digital scrapbook transparency with text in a half circle. By cropping and placing my picture in the center, I was able to take advantage of the beautiful circular text.


Stamps or Rub-Ons. Manufacturers of stamps and rub-ons have created some beautiful products using circles. With the text already placed in a circle it becomes easy to add circular text to a layout. In "Merry Christmas" I used two different stamps that have circular text.


Rub-ons can be equally effective. In "Treasure" I placed my rub-on carefully around circular chipboard.


6_27Ink. A fun and popular way to journal in a circle pattern is to use ink. Different pen styles and colors can be used. Different sizes of circles are be used as well. For example, the written journaling can follow a large cut-out circle or be contained within a smaller circle. In Ramona Greenspan's layout "Spunk" she used a pen to created her journaling in a circular pattern within a circle.

Take advantage of the various digital techniques, stamps, rub-ons and your handy pen in order to create great circular text.


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