Everything in Reach, Everything in Sight

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Article appears courtesy Scrapjazz.com; by Rachel Myerson

When I first scrapbooking, I used the dining room table. This was great when my stash fit into my rolling tote. I was near the family when I was scrapping and I could clean up quickly should we need to use the dining room for its intended purpose. As time went on, my stash grew and eventually took over the dining room. This was especially troublesome when I needed to clean up for guests.

Recently, I realized that we had a home office that wasn't being used much. With careful planning, the home office could be transformed into combination guest room and scrap room. For the guests, I got a pullout sofa which left enough space for my scrap area.

I like to spread out when I scrap and have lots of things in reach. Since the room had been a home office, it had a very large desk which was the perfect work area for me. I moved the desk under the window and added a desk lamp for extra lighting.



As you can see, I like to leave things out on my desk. I always keep my trimmers in easy reach, and my pens and adhesives are in wire bins across from me. There is always a layout in progress. I also keep a few recent layouts around (they're piled in the corner) so I can admire them before I put them into an album. In this photo, you can see a wine bottle that I recently altered as well.

To the left of the desk is my sewing machine. The lid opens away from the desk, so there is enough space to open it if I choose to. Since I rarely sew, I am using the sewing machine as a table for the photo printer. Since we use laptop computers around the house, we can easily bring a laptop in and print a photo. Spare ink and photo paper are in a bin under the sewing machine.

Since the desk is so large, I have a couple of embellishment bins which I keep off to my right. My largest embellishment bin is actually meant for hardware and I use it to store medium-sized embellishments. I bought a similar bin, but much smaller, for storing eyelets and brads. (The smaller bin was originally intended for jewelry making.)


The majority of my stash is kept against the wall on my right. I purchased a bunch of stacking cubes with a variety of configurations. Since I have so much paper, I like the ones with the paper slots best.


I used the horizontal slots along the bottom for cardstock, which is sorted by color. In some cases, I combined two colors into a single slot, such as yellow and orange which I don't use too frequently. The vertical slots are used for patterned paper. I often buy patterned paper in collections, so I decided to sort by collection rather than color. Most of the vertical slots are dedicated to one or two brands of patterned paper. A few slots are dedicated to themes. The themes I have are summer (including sports), winter, fall (including Halloween) and religion. I chose these particular themes because they were dominant in my stash.

I have four pullout bins which I use as follows:

The cube in the lower right has a large shelf which has various alphabets including chipboard and stickers. Below that is a drawer which I have filled with my old stickers. Since I don't use stickers often, I didn't feel it necessary to organize them and this seemed like an efficient way to store them.

On the top of the cubes, I have a wonderful embellishment rack. I use this to store mounted stamps (so I can see them), anything in jars, paints, and anything else that fits nicely. I'm much more likely to use an embellishment if I can see it.

I am a big fan of acrylic stamps. I decided to store mine in a large, clear plastic bin. This works for me because I can bring the whole bin over the desk and look through it for just the right stamp.

Another important element in any workspace is lighting and music. In addition to the desk lamp, I have a ceiling fixture and fan. I also have a small clock/docking station for my MP3 player which lets me choose just the right music for scrapping.

As you can see, I like to have everything in reach and everything in sight and works in progress. This space works well for me.


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