Step-by-Step: Sweet Indulgence

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Article courtesy Scrapjazz; by Nora Noll

We all indulge ourselves once in a while. Whether it is ignoring housework to read a good book or enjoying a latte at the local Starbucks, these little indulgences are what keep us going during the times we feel we need a little extra something. I decided to do a layout on one of my biggest indulgences: dark chocolate. I buy bags at a time and even go to the extremes of hiding them so I don't have to share. Here is how I created my layout step by step:





  1. Begin the layout by inking the white cardstock with the walnut stain ink.
  2. Cut the piece of Wild Berry dot paper into a 4" by 6" piece. Ink the edges. Adhere to the white background so that it is a ½" from the top and right-hand sides of the page.
  3. Cut the Celebrate paper into a 4" by 6" piece. Ink edges. Adhere so that it overlaps the red dot paper and is a ½" from the bottom.
  4. Adhere the photo.
  5. Cut the journaling label in half. Ink and adhere to the layout so that it slightly overlaps the photo. Using the brown marker, handwrite your journaling.
  6. Cut 8" of ribbon. Adhere to the page so that the right end is even with right edge of the background page and 1 ¼" from the bottom.
  7. Cut the Ladybug Paper Frill into a 7" piece. Adhere so that it slightly overlaps the top of the ribbon.
  8. Adhere the remaining 5" of Paper Frill to the upper left edge of the photo.
  9. Ink the chipboard heart with red ink. Adhere to the page.
  10. For the title, use the Thickers alphabet and adhere directly above the journaling block. Then adhere the Sarah Script below the journaling box.
  11. Stamp the scroll using the black ink.
  12. To finish, adhere the felt flower (from the Blossom and Button Box) so that it slightly overlaps the right side of the journal box. Adhere the button to the middle of the flower.

I hope this layout inspires you to scrap some of your own indulgences!


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