Sensational Spinner Cards

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Article courtesy Scrapjazz; by Denise Gormish

Making cards is fun, but it can be even more fun when you add creative techniques to your project. One three-dimensional technique is to create a spinner on the front of your card. Follow along and learn how to create a spinner card.

  1. Create the basic background of a card. Cut and fold a piece of cardstock in the shape you would like for your final card.


  2. Create a spinner base for the card. Create a base smaller than the dimensions of the final card size by trimming a piece of cardstock. This will be the base for your spinner. The base should be a piece of cardstock in a coordinating color in a size that will fit on the final card.

  3. Create the spinner. You'll need two punches, one large enough that the second punched shape will fit in the hole created by the first. In this example, I used two circle punches. I punched two circles using the smaller punch - one for each side of the spinner.

    Ideas for spinners are endless! Flat items such as chipboard, cardstock stickers and epoxy shapes work best for the base of the spinner. Consider various shapers such as squares, tags, hearts, flowers and any chipboard shape. Remember to make the spinner small enough to fit on your spinner base. The spinner must be smaller than the hole (step #4) for the spinner. Decorate the spinner with any small embellishments including flowers, buttons, rub-ons, stickers, etc. Use images and/or words on your spinner. The two visible sides for the spinner do not have to be decorated in the same way.

  4. Adhere the spinner pieces together. Apply double-sided tacky tape to one side of the spinner. Cut a piece of dental floss or slightly stiff string and place the floss on top of one of the two spinner shapes. Lay the second spinner shape on top and press firmly to adhere.


  5. Create spinner holes. Next, create the negative space for the spinner to fit inside. Punch one hole on the basic card and the other hole on the spinner base. To create the two holes for the spinner, use the larger punch or cut a hole using a cutting system. To allow the spinner to move, the hole will have to be larger than the size of your spinner. Determine where you would like the spinner to be located. Punch both the spinner base and the cardstock for the card in that spot. You will have two equal size holes, one on the base and one on the cardstock.


    To make it easier to punch the hole you may wish to use some temporary adhesive. Immediately remove the adhesive after punching the holes.

  6. Attach spinner to base. Center the spinner over the backside of the spinner base hole and extend the dental floss. On the backside, apply more tacky tape just above and below the punched section of the base. Cover the dental floss with the tacky tape.


    Trim the floss so it does not extend beyond the spinner base. Apply adhesive to the backside of the spinner base and adhere the spinner base to the card.


  7. Decorate the basic card. Trim the card if necessary. Use your stamps and other embellishments to finish decorating the rest of your card.

The variations are numerous. Use your own creativity and have fun creating some spinner cards.





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