Disney Scrapbooking

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Article courtesy of Scrapjazz.com: by Rachel Myerson

You've spent ages planning the perfect trip to a Disney theme park, you brought your new digital camera with a spare memory card, you had a great time, and you come home with over a thousand digital pictures. Then you look at them, and there are over one hundred good ones. You feel like you are in scrapper's heaven, until you realize that this is an overwhelming number of photos and you don't know where to begin. This article has some suggestions to help you deal with all of those photos.

Start a Separate Disney Scrapbook

I generally like to put all the Disney photos in a separate scrapbook. This way the huge number of them won't overwhelm my other pages. Any size book will do. If you think you will visit Disney again in the future, plan a large book so that several Disney trips can fit in the same album.

Once you have decided to start a separate Disney scrapbook, the question is how to organize the pages. I suggest starting with the things that are most important such as the stories and special events.

Tell a Story

Think about things that happened on your trip that are unique and make sure you make pages about them. When we visited Disney World last spring, my younger son was afraid of the characters but was determined to hug Mickey Mouse. On the first day, he would cry when any character came near him, except Mickey, but he wouldn't touch him either. Each day of the trip we would find Mickey and he would get a little closer. By the last day, he would run up to Mickey, give him a big hug, and even sit on his lap. Here is a page that I made to document this milestone.


Be creative with your stories. Did your daughter hug 30 characters in one day? Did your son get so tired every day that he fell asleep at dinner every night? Combine photos from different parts of the trip onto a page which tells the story.

Special Events

Did you visit Disney during a special event? Whether it was a Disney Event like the Epcot Flower Show or a personal event like a family reunion or birthday, separate pages dedicated to the event will be treasured, and will help to distinguish this from other Disney trips. Here is a layout I made of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party.

Sort the Photos

Once you've covered the stories and special events, you will probably still have lots of photos left to scrap. I suggest sorting them into groups and then just scrap away, multiple photos per page, of course. There are many ways to sort your photos. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Sort the photos by theme park (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, etc.). If that is still overwhelming, then within each park they can be sorted by land or section (Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, etc.).
  • Put all the photos of people hugging characters together, and group them by the characters. In this grouping, all photos of Mickey Mouse would go together, perhaps with his friends: Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto. The Pooh characters would go together; Buzz Lightyear goes with Woody, etc.
  • Group photos by activity. For example, my sons love transportation and Disney World is a haven for public transportation with monorails , buses, boats, and trains. I have done several pages devoted to the Disney transportation system.

There are other ways to group the photos as well, but these ideas should get you started.

Disney is fun and a Disney scrapbook should be fun. There are plenty of fun Disney-themed papers and embellishments available. Have fun using them. Just remember, the best way to scrap over 100 photos from a single Disney trip is by using multiple photos per page.


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