Recording a Meaningful Family Legacy

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Article Courtesy of by Robyn Ricks

I looked up the word "scrapbook" in Webster's dictionary and this is the definition I found: "a blank book in which miscellaneous items (such as newspaper clippings or pictures) are collected and preserved."

From a scrapbooker's perspective, a better definition of the word scrapbook might be' "a blank book in which precious memories (such as pictures, sentiments, traditions, etc.) are collected and preserved for future generations."

Although recording pictures, dates, and places is the essence of scrapbooking, I think we would all agree that scrapbooks should be much more! Here are some ideas to help make your family related albums and layouts more meaningful.


Family Traits - Feature family members and write about their specific traits and how they compare to other family members.

Family Traditions - Write about family traditions,how they were started and by whom. Include pictures of family members participating in these traditions.

Immediate Family Tree - Feature layouts about each member of the family and their likes, dislikes, favorite things, etc.

Extended Family Tree - Showcase pictures and short bios of individual family members.

Family Recipes - Record favorite family recipes

Family Vacations - Document family vacations. Have each family member list their top 5 things done or places visited during each vacation.

Family Stories - Document family-related stories.

Family Reunion - Feature pictures and memories from family reunions.


Letters - Write a letter to each individual family member. Express why that person is important to you.

Generation Photo - Showcase a photograph with multiple generations present.

Interviews - Interview family members. Ask a variety of questions and record their answers.

Stories - Feature stories that your children have told.

Family Portraits - Showcase a family portrait and write about why your family is important, what your family means to you, or what makes your family special.

Children's Layouts - Allow your child to journal his/her own feelings and experiences.


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