Making Memories Embellishment Storage Box in White

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Article courtesy; by Georgina Hefferman

If, like me, you are caught in the never-ending cycle of organizing your craft room you will be pleased to hear about this Embellishment Storage Box

from Making Memories.

1_149Their sturdy embellishment box is made from paper-covered chipboard and measures 13 ¾" wide x 9" deep x 4 ¼" high. It has a huge amount of space to store all those little embellishments that you have no other home for. In fact, it has three different sections to the box in total - the top section has 32 small compartments and the bottom section has two drawers each with 16 compartments of varying sizes. The box itself is white in color and it contains green, felt-covered plastic inserts in each of the three sections. (In fact, the green is similar to the Scrapjazz website green.)

Whenever I look for storage for my craft room I look for something that is not only practical, but decorative too and I think that this cute little box meets both of those criteria.




The clever way in which you open the lid means that you can easily access any of your items without disturbing anything else in your stash. This is a crucial feature for me since when I'm scrapping I want to get to an embellishment quickly and without fuss and more importantly without making too much of a mess on my desk.



I use my box to store all my small items such as eyelets, brads, metal tags, stray letters, staples and so on. In fact, I still have room for more goodies because I have yet to fill up all of the compartments. It sits neatly on my bookshelf too, which is really convenient.




The top of the box is flat, so if you are short on space you can stack other items on top. Be aware though that it does mark easily so be on hand with a baby wipe to wash away blemishes if they occur. I like how the drawers are completely removable too - great if your storage is a little way from your desk as this makes your embellishments more portable.

Although the color scheme is pretty and suits most craft rooms, the chipboard means you would easily be able to alter it to suit your personal tastes. You could paint it or cover it in patterned paper and stick on ribbon and buttons - the limit is as endless as your imagination.

Not only would the product be great for your craft stash, but you may want to use it elsewhere in your home, maybe in the garage to hold nails, screws, loose batteries, a hammer and screwdriver, etc. or in the bedroom to store your jewellery (earrings, rings and small broaches). If you wanted, you could remove the plastic inserts and use it to store bigger items, such as your wooden stamps, pens or paper scraps.

The box is very versatile and affordable at under $30 and I recommend giving it a try in your own craft room.


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