Be True to Your School

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Article Courtesy of by Denise Gormish

When my children returned to school this fall, they were excited. I was excited too because I love their school. It has a wonderful staff, caring parents and a positive philosophy. As I pondered all the reasons I love their school, I quickly realized I had never done a scrapbook layout about the school itself. It was time to correct that situation!

Layout by Denise Gormish


Our schools, whether our own or those of someone else in our lives, are places where we spend a lot of time. They are very special to us. Here are some journaling ideas to get started on documenting about school.

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. What subjects did you take in school? Which ones did you enjoy? Is your school or college well-known for a subject it teaches? I attended the University of Kansas and its well-known journalism program. In my layout �J-School�, I documented information about KU�s journalism program and its impact on me.

Layout by Denise Gormish


The Buildings. Have you considered the buildings and rooms that make up your school? Does it have a certain style or is there a room that brings back fond memories for you? Document these places, including photographs if available.

Events. Are there any special events held at your school? Think of annual events that may happen, such as Back to School, fundraisers and special exhibits. What happens during the year at your school?

The Unusual. What�s unusual about your school? Do the pipes freeze every winter? Does the school philosophy differ from most? Is there a dress code? Does the school have a special program? Is it cutting edge or �old school� in its philosophy? Does the school have an unusual mascot? Document the things that make your school different from other schools in the area or other parts of the country.

Staff. Who are the teachers and staff at the school? How long have they been there? Journal about special or unique staff members.

History. How long has your school been in existence? What changes have occurred? What�s better and what�s not? To find out, interview staff and teachers and find out what they think of the school. Those who have been around for a long time would probably enjoy talking about the changes they have seen.

Artwork. Is there any special artwork at the school, such as a mural, statue or student project? Journal about the artwork and what it means to you or your child.

Layout by Denise Gormish


When taking photographs of your school, remember to step back and take a broad view of the classroom, then step forward and take photographs of significant individual parts of the classroom. Also take photographs of items that symbolize the school like the school flag or school mascot. Is there a special room, place or person at school? Don�t forget to photograph those things as well! If you don�t have access to the school anymore, check on the Internet. A website may have photographs or insignia that you could use in a layout.

Remember to use school memorabilia in your layouts. Newspaper clippings, letterheads and notes can be preserved in a scrapbook. Memorabilia also makes perfect embellishments when you have a layout with no photographs. Memorabilia can be held inside a pocket, under a photograph or in a photo sleeve.

As you think about the new school year, remember the school itself. Then, take time to think about your favorite school and celebrate it in your scrapbooks.


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