Fiskars Easy Stamp Press

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Article courtesy; by Tiffany Roberts

I have a new tool I would like to tell you about. Fiskars has come out with a user-friendly Stamp Press that was made for use with unmounted stamps. I'll be honest, and tell you that at first I wasn't sure how much I would use this tool. I received it as a gift, and I rather assumed that it wasn't going to be overly impressive. It really doesn't look like it does much.

However I'm happy to say that I was wrong! Fiskars really came out with a winner here. It's easy to use, lightweight and therefore easy to store, and works really well with both clear and rubber unmounted stamps.

I was very pleased that this tool increased my accuracy when using my rubber stamps. Long ago I removed the mounts on all of my wood block stamps to save space. Since that time I've fallen in love with clear acrylic stamps, but I still have a large number of older rubber and foam stamps that I can't part with. This tool gives me great accuracy and allows for more complex layered designs when working with my rubber stamps.


Fiskars put a lot of thought into the functionality of this tool. A few of my favorite features are:

  • Sponge Feet:Very little pressure is necessary for an even, smooth image, and there is no push-back or resistance like a spring-loaded foot would cause.
  • Large Surface Area:With a 6" x 8" area for laying out small or large designs, this is perfect for invitations, or larger projects like picture frames.
  • Easy-To-Read Grid: Both ¼ inch and 1 inch measurements are easy to read for perfect alignment every time.

Without a doubt there is one feature of the Stamp Press that is my favorite, the removable design plate. When I'm working on a multi-layered piece, or if I simply create a design that I love and want to save I can easily pop out the design plate, save it, and then put a clean design plate in the Stamp Press.

The only complaint I have with the stamp press is a minor one. It seems that one of the sponge feet was pulled off by a wayward child, and as of yet I have not found a good adhesive for reattaching it. It's not a design flaw, but rather a mild annoyance at my misfortune.

If I were to give the Fiskars Stamp Press a letter grade, I'd have to say that this tool ranks a solid A. I hope you'll pick one up and give it a try, especially for those upcoming holiday cards! Nothing will shorten the amount of time it takes to stamp your holiday greetings better than this wonderful tool. Happy stamping!


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