Pocket Folder Card

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Article courtesy Scrapjazz.com; by Jennifer Sizemore

This card is a simple way to wrap up a gift card for that favorite person for the holidays.


  • stamps, Stampin' Up
  • ink, Stampin' Up
  • twine
  • cardstock
  • foam tape or dot
  • paper trimmer


  1. Place your 8.5" x 11" cardstock in your trimmer in landscape format.
  2. Score the cardstock at the 3.6" and 7.4" lines to create a trifold.


  3. Turn the cardstock 90 degrees to the right and score it at 2.5".
  4. Cut away two of the bottom sections, leaving a flap at the bottom of the section on the right-hand side.
  5. Cut angles in the section on the left-hand side for the cover of the card.
  6. Decorate a 3.6" x 5.75" piece of cardstock with stamps for the greeting area.


  7. Decorate a 2.75" x 5.5" sheet of cardstock for the gift card holder.
  8. Stamp the front cover and pocket flap.


  9. Ink all edges.
  10. Adhere ribbon to pocket flap.
  11. Using thin tacky tape, glue the sides of the pocket flap down, allowing enough open space to slide in the gift card holder.
  12. Stamp a label and adhere to the front flap with foam tape.
  13. Wrap twine around the card to secure.


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