Seeing Orange

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Article courtesy Scrapjazz; by Sheredian Vickers

The crisp cool days of fall not only bring the beauty of changing foliage and sweaters, but also lots of orange. Pumpkins and Halloween and Thanksgiving give us a reason to use orange on layouts. Although it is not one of my favorite colors, I truly enjoy the fall season and the opportunity to use various shades of orange on a few pages. Halloween layouts capture the fun that children and adults have when dressing up as ghosts and goblins, princes and princesses, frogs and super heroes. There are pumpkins and candy and parties just to celebrate Halloween.

Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into your layouts to help you through the "orange" season.


Use Orange to Define the Season

You cannot pass up scrapping the Halloween costume, but what if the costume does not have a hint of orange? Using papers to define the season works to add a seasonal flavor to the layout. On "The Incredible Hulk," the title and journaling blocks brought in the seasonal color. The papers by American Crafts worked perfectly to blend all the colors.


Use Orange to Unite Pages

A multi-photo layout is the best way to get seasonal photos in your album quickly. This is especially helpful if you have a group of photos that you want to use. On "The Incredible Hulk and the Lion," orange semicircles unite the pages. It is easy to see that the layout represents Halloween activity so there is no need for excessive journaling.

Use Orange for Pumpkin Pages

Finally, how can one get through fall without going to a pumpkin patch? This layout captures the annual trek to the patch. The children love it and the parents admit that they do too!



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