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Article courtesy Scrapjazz; by Lisa Wallace

Get ready to be inspired: introducing the Creative Cutter Inspiration by Pazzles! The Inspiration is the first computerized system created from the ground up expressly for the crafting market. So, what's that mean for you? More cuts from more stuff in more sizes! Cut cardstock, vinyl, paper, embossing foil, chipboard...now that's inspiration! The Inspiration cuts: 12"x 12" page overlays, ¼" x ¼" to 12" x 23" letters or 1/8" to 23" images, and 12" by 24" vinyl. So if you can think it up, chances are that you can cut it, too! Can you say - wordbooks? Those fabulous little creations can be yours, with custom fonts, words, and shapes!




The Creative Cutter Inspiration comes with:

  • The InspirationTM cutter
  • InspirationTMDesign software
  • 1 blade
  • 1 12" x 12" mat
  • Instruction manual and tutorials
  • 300 images

But, you've still got to get it up and running, right? No worries, Pazzles even starts you out with a video that begins with taking it out of the box!

And if cutting isn't enough the Pazzles Inspiration offers extra creative accessories. Choose from embossing tools, engraving tools, needle punch tools, pen tools, marker tools, and a distressing tool with a variety of caps!

The WPC format that the Inspiration Design software uses is gaining in popularity, so you'll not only have access to the exclusive Pazzles designs, but you can share designs with other users of Inspiration Design and similar software. (Visit the Scrapbook.com Pazzles forum for bonus directions on converting Wishblade format GSD files for use with your Pazzles!)


  • Weighs 12 lbs. and is 21 ½" wide x 6" high x 10" deep
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, or Vista Operating System
  • Cuts 12" x 12" page overlays, ¼" x ¼" to 12" x 23" letters or 1/8" to 23" images
  • Cuts any True Type fonts, and "welds" letters together with ease
  • Create your own designs with Inspiration Design's built-in tracing and drawing tools


  • Cuts a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including 12" x 12" and chipboard
  • Cuts True Type fonts; no cartridges necessary
  • Wide variety of accessories available


  • Extensive versatility comes at a price; more expensive than smaller, less powerful cutters
  • Cutting larger sizes requires more desk space; more working space is needed to operate the Inspiration
  • Not easily portable

Perfect for: the scrapbooker who wants the widest variety of options available, and does most of their scrapping at home - or will precut and preplan their design elements.


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