Article Courtesy Scrapjazz; Maegan Hall

I have used the same brand of paper trimmer for about six years, occasionally trading in for a new one and/or new blades. I love my old trimmer, but I was intrigued when I noticed the new paper trimmer by Making Memories. If you've seen the trimmer you have probably wanted it too. Let's see if the trimmer is all that meets the eye.

1_236When you purchase it:

You'll pay around $50 for this trimmer, which only comes in one style, black and silver.

Once I received my trimmer in the mail, I quickly opened the package and began using it. There are no parts to put together; it ships ready to use with a straight-edge blade! It comes folded in half for up to 6 ½" cuts, or you can unfold it for 12 ½" measurements. You will need to unfold the trimmer and reach underneath to use the magnetic ruler which keeps papers in place.

Let's talk about how it looks:

Honestly, I think it's one of the most attractive trimmers out there. It's the most gender-neutral and it will surely match any scrapbook room.

On the front of the trimmer, when folded, you will see dark black 90 degree notches for guided trimming of 3" x 5", 4" x 6", and 5" x 7" cuts. The measurements on top of the trimmer are small. It gives options for centimeters as well as inches, but I don't think they are useful because they are so tiny.

How it works:

You place one to two sheets of paper underneath a clear plastic strip and position at the measurement desired. You then secure your paper with a magnetic ruler. To cut the paper, you slide the blade case across the rail until your paper is trimmed.

To fold your trimmer, just bend it  in half. There are no clips or levers to play with. To change your blade, you pull on the red clasp and slide the old blade off and put on a new one. Making Memories claims that the blade is self-sharpening itself each time you use it. So, you will rarely ever have to replace the blade. You would change the blade for a wave cut, if desired.

What I love about it:

The detailed measurements are perfect for me. I'm not particularly psycho, I just don't like cutting paper down too small by an 1/8 of an inch. This trimmer gives me those measurements and will hopefully save me a future headache of wasted paper.

The trimmer has little slip-proof "feet" at the bottom of it. This lifts it slightly off the surface used and keeps it from slipping.

2_159Some things to consider:

If you're used to the other trimmers on the market where there is a raised edge at the sides of the trimmer (which is used to make sure your paper is straight), this trimmer does not have that. Sure, there is an edge but it's not straight. Where the trimmer folds in half, the edge raises or drops just slightly, causing your paper to shift. You can fix this problem by using it only when it's folded in half, but that's not very practical.

I had a really hard time removing the red clasp for a blade change. Actually, I just couldn't do it at all.

The trimmer is heavy and might not be travel-friendly for everyone.

The magnetic strip holds tight, but it's not perfect. I have almost broken a nail trying to pull it up, only to have it shift while trying to keep my paper still.

Here's a last thought: the clear plastic piece used to secure your paper against the blade is about 1" wide, so if you have a scrap of paper narrower than that, you will not be able to use it with this trimmer. The scrap will slip under the plastic piece, but you will not be able to hold it still enough to trim it.

I own two of the 12" x 12" paper trimmers by Making Memories and I have found all that I have said to be true of both trimmers. My highlights remain the same for both, and so did that which I do not like about the trimmer, so it wasn't a faulty trimmer. I hope you find this review helps you in making an informed decision of whether to make the switch yourself. I found that this trimmer doesn't meet all my needs; therefore I will continue to use my old trimmer.


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