Travel Scrapbooking: Caribbean Vacation

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Article Courtesy by Rachel Myerson

When you think about a Caribbean vacation, what are the thoughts that come to mind? Perhaps you think of the clear turquoise ocean, sunning peacefully on the beach, splashing in the beautiful pool, snorkeling or scuba diving among the beautiful coral, tropical drinks, wonderful dinners overlooking beautiful sunsets, or shopping. For most people, a Caribbean vacation will encompass many of these experiences and you will come home with many spectacular and fun photos. Here are some tips for scrapping your Caribbean vacation.

Beach Pages

It's very easy to get great beach pictures in the Caribbean. With the sun up high, the blue skies, and the crystal-clear water, even the simplest camera can take beautiful pictures. The question is how to decide which beach photos to use on your layout. I like to use several, keeping the layout simple to showcase the photos.


If the photos are taken at a location other than the beach by the hotel, include the name of the beach. Beach journaling may be minimal, but include any special stories that happened at the beach. In this layout from Seven Seas Beach in Puerto Rico, the journaling tells how my youngest son had so much fun throwing sand into the water, that he forgot he was afraid of the waves.


The story at this beach was actually so extensive, I needed a second layout to include all the photos and journaling.


Since my children had never collected seashells before, I included small photos of seashells on my layout. I also used a real one as an embellishment.

If you are worried about getting sand or water on an expensive SLR, bring an inexpensive or waterproof camera to the beach.

4_103Under the Water

If you are a diver or snorkeler, a waterproof camera will take some great photos. Don't forget to take photos of your traveling companions under the water too, especially if it's a child learning to snorkel. Assuming I actually get some nice photos of the fish or coral, I like to make a layout showing some of them. In this layout, I had fun combining my underwater photos with some above-water creatures.


6_53Around the Hotel

Caribbean hotels are beautiful with outdoor lobbies, beautiful flowers, and spectacular pools. The natural sunlight will allow you to take beautiful photos all around the hotel. If you spend some of your time at the pool, you should be able to get some nice photos to use in your layouts. If you are traveling as a couple, ask the hotel staff to take a photo of the two of you in the hotel pool, perhaps under one of those imitation waterfalls or in front of some beautiful flowers. If you spend time at the swim-up bar, bring your waterproof camera and ask the bartender to snap a few shots. All of these will make great layouts.

Around the Town

Don't forget to take your camera with you when you go sightseeing, shopping, or out to dinner. These experiences are all part of the trip and should be included in your scrapbook. Try handing the camera to the waiter to get a photo of your whole group at dinner, especially if you are dining in a beautiful setting. Of course, with any vacation there is the possibility to try new foods. Don't forget to photograph these as well, as they can be some of the best vacation memories.


Although the Caribbean is more known for the beaches, there is a rich history as well. There are towns, forts, churches, and synagogues to visit. There is also fabulous shopping. Don't forget to include your downtown or sightseeing photos in your scrapbook as well.



Don't forget to include at least one photo of everyone traveling with you on your Caribbean vacation. Some women are not happy about having their picture taken in a bathing suit. If you are in this category, remember that the people who are traveling with you will want to remember that you were on the vacation with them. Make sure everyone, including you, is included in your vacation scrapbook, even if it is just around a dinner table.

I hope these ideas help you with photographs and scrapbook pages for your next Caribbean vacation. Most importantly, don't forget to post your layouts in your Scrapjazz gallery, so everyone can be jealous of the wonderful time you had!


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