Step-by-Step: Liam

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Article Courtesy by Jane Swanson

Christmas babies are typically decked out in lots of color and pastel baby papers just don't ‘Welcome Baby' as joyously as they should. Enter Cosmo Cricket, Jack's World Collection, for my new grandson, Liam, born December 2nd.




  1. My favorite paper of the collection is Animal Friends and it is the background for my first layout of Liam.
  2. Two of three ½" strips of the green side of the double-sided Wake Up paper are adhered just under the second and third rows of animal friends on the background paper.
  3. A 5"x 7" photo of Liam is mounted on the red side of the double-sided Blankey paper. Then it is adhered to the background page, taking care to let the animal friends and their cute sayings show.
  4. A third green strip is placed over the photo so that is runs across the entire page.
  5. The ‘vital statistics' are dutifully recorded on one of the journal cards that is conveniently numbered 1 through 5.
  6. A collage of stickers and journaling strips from this collection come together in the lower left corner with a green 2"x 4" strip as an anchor.
  7. A metal grommet sporting the word "HAPPY" nestles in the sticker monkey's hand in the center of the green strip.
  8. A title is made with black chipboard alphabet letters that slightly overlaps the photo mat and is centered on the green strip.

This is a delightful collection with enough fun-loving animals and bright cheerful colors to last through baby's entire first year.


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