Article Courtesy by Kayla Richards

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm one of those people who are "cheap." This trait follows me into the scrapbooking world. If you notice my style, I use mostly paper on my layouts. I maximize the use of a sheet of patterned paper. The following will tell you how I maximized the use of a sheet of paper in my "Yum" layout.




  1. First, take the sheet of Bella Moda paper and trim it to 8.5" x 11". This is your background paper.
  2. Now, take the scraps from the Bella Moda paper. I carefully cut out all the flowers that were left over. I used these for the border on the right-hand side of my layout, as shown.
  3. Then, I cut three small strips from the remaining Bella Moda scrap paper, and trimmed the edges of the strips to look like ribbon. These pieces were used on the top left-hand side of my layout. Do not throw away any of the Bella Moda scraps; more will be used from the scraps later on the layout.
  4. Next, I laid my photograph on top of the turquoise cardstock, and measured a ¼"  border. I adhered the photo to the cardstock, and cut.
  5. Now, grab your Bella Moda scraps! I found a small section of orange flower left in the scraps. Look at the orange strip near the bottom of the photo on my layout. On the layout, it may appear I used a long strip of orange, but I actually cut small pieces from the orange flower, and glued them to my photo mat to appear as a long strip.
  6. Then,  I spelled out my title using the Thickers and Scenic Route Letter Stickers.
  7. Finally, I used a ruler to draw journaling lines, as desired. Then, I added my journaling.

Isn't it amazing what you can do with just one sheet of patterned paper?!


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