Product Review: Zutter Round-it-All

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Article Courtesy by Patter Cross

1_252Ooo, baby pink.  My favorite color.  I must admit, that is what first drew me to the new Zutter Round-it-All.  But after purchasing it and then using it, wow!  The Zutter Round-it-All is a corner rounder; however, it is not just your average corner rounder.  This corner rounder is made to handle thick chipboard, acrylic, tin, leather, eight sheets of cardstock, and most other materials up to 1/8" thick.

I love the fact that it works on chipboard.  Too many times in the past, I have had to hand-cut my chipboard corners.  They never come out even, they never look clean, and it is not exactly the fastest process.  With this rounder, it is effortless and fast, not to mention that it works on everything I listed above too.  Amazing!

It took me a matter of two seconds to make this beautiful corner on a 1/8" piece of chipboard (which is really a thick piece of chipboard). It cuts chipboard like butter!


3_143Zutter makes two different sizes-the pink R10 tool and the blue R5 tool.  What's the difference?  The R10 creates a 1/2" rounded corner while the R5 creates a 1/4" rounded corner.

Pink tool, R10, 1/2" rounded corner

Blue tool, R5, 1/4" rounded corner

I have actually used my Round-it-All on laminated sheets before too.  The only trouble I ran into was that if I only had one sheet in the corner rounder, the tool jammed.  Zutter states that:

"The Round-it-All is mainly designed for thick materials. If you are going to use it with thin paper, it is recommended that you punch a thick group of them at one time.  When using photographs, photography paper contains a glossy layer of thin plastic. It is recommended that if using photographs, you round off a group of photos at the same time, facing up and adding a sheet of cardstock at the top of the stack."

Following those easy tips will help it not become jammed.  Zutter does have a help sheet for your Round-it-All that includes pictures.  You can find the help tips here.

Click here to see a video demonstration of the Zutter Round-it-All.  The video is a short 1 minute 26 seconds, but so informative.  The Zutter Round-it-All really is a fabulous tool.  I am so glad I purchased it even though it was the pink that drew me in initially.  Have fun rounding those corners!


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