Purple Cow Laminator Review

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Maegan Hall

I'll be honest; I wasn‘t looking to purchase a laminator for scrapbooking. As a homeschool mom of four and one on the way, I wanted a way to preserve items that I bought, so that I could use them for consecutive children. However, upon opening the box, and using it for the first time, my Purple Cow Laminator actually makes me want to use it for scrapbooking Yes! It's that good.




A surprise inside:

This baby is heavy in the box; be prepared to pay a little bit extra for shipping. But, no worries, Purple Cow gives instant warm and fuzzy feelings upon opening the box. Get this: as soon as you open it, you can use it! Remember opening your first digital camera, charging the battery, turning it on, only to find out you need a memory card? Or, how about my $500+ printer I just bought? I waited a week for it to arrive, only to find out that I had to wait another week to use it because I didn't order paper. Purple Cow is more than generous by including 70 laminating pockets of various sizes. This is taking "try before you buy" to a whole new level. By including sizes that I would never think of buying, I now have a reason to think of how to use those sizes -- and I did. OH, and now I want more.

Let's talk about how it looks:

On the box, the machine is represented as a traditional purple. When you see it in person, you'll notice that it's not purple. It's a deep magenta. It's about 17 inches wide and sits 3 to 4 inches off the table. There is a 5 foot cord that plugs into the wall, which comes neatly wrapped up for those of us who will use it right beside the outlet. There are embossed arrows on the front to let you know to "insert laminating pocket here."

How it works:

It's just genius! You take one of the precut laminating pockets, which are available in various sizes, and you place your item between the two pieces of laminate, which looks like frosted acetate. Push your item up against the seal of the pocket; this will help keep your stuff straight. With the sealed part entering first, the laminator grabs the item and sends it out looking professionally laminated at the other end! It's fast too. It takes a few minutes to warm up, can run for a few hours, and laminates within seconds.

The possibilities are endless:

Even though Purple Cow designed precut pockets, you can use them for several different sizes. I ran out of the tiny pockets, so I placed several items to be laminated in my 8" x 8" pocket, leaving some space around each item. When it was finished, I cut my items from the sheet and it was as if I laminated them separately.

The laminate acts like a dry erase board and can be written on with a dry erase marker, and then wiped off again. I plan on laminating my kids' chore charts so I don't have to print them each week. I don't know that I would laminate every page of a mini book, but I would certainly appreciate a protective covering on the cover and back page.

My kids loved using it too, with me watching of course. It does get hot.

Some things to consider:

The machine does not laminate everything. Chipboard, metal, 3-D embellishments, or anything thicker than a few sheets of paper is not recommended. I figured out a way around this though. Laminate your page and then attach your embellishments by sewing them on, or using a brad.

It is a pricey item for it to be used a few times and sit on your shelf, so think the purchase through. Another problem is that now that I have it and used it, I want to laminate everything. It's quite addicting, and yes, I'd like to laminate my kitchen table. My friends are quite intrigued as well, so be prepared to share. I will order some replacement pockets and figure out my price-per-sheet and they can reimburse or trade me. Also consider what you would do if Purple Cow stops making the pockets? If you cannot find another lamination resource, your Purple Cow laminator won't be very useful.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'll tell you, I LOVE this machine. It's fun, easy and it makes my life a little cleaner. You know, because it wraps things in plastic. You can wipe dirt off plastic easily. Need I tell you more?


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