Date It!

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Aticle Courtesy by Denise Gormish

In my early days of scrapbooking, I often would forget to add the date to my scrapbook pages. In recent years, I have endeavored to find ways to add the date. Here are a few of my suggestions for where to add dates to a scrapbook page. 

Place the date inside a journaling box. Not only can the journaling box hold the words to the story but it can also be a place to put the date. The date can be placed anywhere within the bounds of the journaling box. In "Knights of Avalon"  I placed the date stamp in a space under the journaling.


Place the date next to a strip of photographs. Dates look nice when they are placed near photographs. A horizontal or vertical strip of photographs makes a nice area to include the date. In "Captain of the Pistol Bow," I placed the date to the left of a vertical strip of photographs. To keep with the vertical feel of the layout I stamped the date vertically as well.


Tabs and tags are convenient date holders. A tab or tag, whether it be round, square, or rectangular, makes a great place to display the date. The tab can be placed under the photograph or paper like a file-folder tab. Tags can be placed on top of the elements. In "Beauty" I stamped the date on a file-folder tab.


Use the date in the title. The date can be prominently displayed by including it in the title. It can be a subtitle or even part of the main title. In "October 2008 Halloween" the date is the focal point of the title.


Write the date on a frame or photo mat. The date can be included simply by adding it to the picture frame or to the photo mat. 

Use the date to break up a line. Lines are important elements of design. When using a line as a design tool you can also use it as a place to insert the date. By either placing the date over the line or interrupting the line for the date, the date can be used with the line element. In "Celebrate" I placed the date between two sections of the line. To make it work, I had to cut the line and then continue it again.


Fill in empty space. Often a layout might have an empty space that would work for a date. Photo collages can be a nice way to assemble several photographs on a page. Sometimes, though, they leave empty spaces. Take advantage of that space and use it as a place to put your date. In "Spring Hike" I put the date in the empty space.


Photographs can be a location for the date. Some cameras allow the date to be placed right on the photograph. Digital cameras and software allows us to add a date before printing the photograph. 

Add the date to a corner. The date can be added to the corner of a layout or the corner of a box within a layout. In my layout "Welcome" I stamped the date in the lower left-hand corner.


Create a separate box for the date. Often a layout includes a journaling box. In the same way, a box can be created for the date.

There are many fun and creative ways to add dates. Go ahead and use these strategies to add dates to your layouts.


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