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Article courtesy; by Laura Arellano-Weddleton

Many scrappers are hesitant to start scrapping about themselves, or keeping a "Book of Me." Some people might be nervous about diving into something new, many may not know what to include in such a book, and others could feel like they don't have enough time to start yet another album. A good solution in any of these situations is to create a mini album all about you.

The first step toward creating a mini album is deciding what type you'd like to make-an 8" x 8" or 6" x 6" album, or perhaps an accordion album or paper bag album. Like any other mini album, the album you make about yourself can be as big or small, long or short as you would like. Flexibility is one of the great things about mini albums. If you're new to making mini albums in general, take a look at some of the Album Ideas articles here at Scrapjazz.

Once you've decided what kind of album you're going to make, the next step is to pick a theme. What part of you do you want to put down on paper or what would you like to tell other people about yourself? There are tons of different topics you could choose from, and since you're doing a whole album about it, you can pick topics that might be hard to limit to a single layout. Here are some "all about me" theme ideas for a mini-album:

  • Favorite songs/bands through the years
  • Favorite books, movies, etc.
  • Personal timeline- important events in your life
  • Favorite/most special photos
  • Little known facts about you

After picking a theme, it's a good idea to sketch out on a piece of paper what you'd like to put on each page. Count how many pages you want to fill, and try to plan something for every page.. You might also want to include a title page, a dedication page, or a table of contents, and this is a good time to decide.

Finally, it's time to work on the individual pages. A good way to maintain consistency between the pages is to decide on a coordinating line of papers and embellishments that you'd like to use throughout the album, and stick to them. This also makes the pages go together a lot faster, since you only have to make the decisions of what products to use once.

If you've made mini albums before, you know how addicting they can be, so don't be surprised that once you make your first mini album all about yourself, you'll start making many more! Even better, it might just be the push you need to start including yourself in your scrapbook on a regular basis.


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