Custom Titles Using Microsoft Word Outline

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Article Courtesy by Maegan Hall

Before the days of personal die-cut machine alphabets and automated title makers, we had to depend on ourselves to come up with titles using stickers, penmanship and freehand designs. To make my stickers stretch, I regularly used Microsoft Word to make my own die-cut titles. My favorite thing to use was alphabet products for one part of the title, and use a Microsoft Word (hand-cut) title in conjunction. I'll show you how super easy this technique is. You can even make your own chipboard titles.



  • Microsoft Word                                                          
  • printer, paper, ink
  • sharp tip scissors or an exacto knife                             
  • temporary adhesive such as Scrapper's spray adhesive


  1. First, open up Microsoft Word. Click on "WordArt." This should be the slanted letter "A."

  2. Once opened, it will ask you to select your WordArt style. Choose the WordArt outline. This will look like the outline (in black) of the white word "WordArt" and will be on a white background. Do not choose the slanted version. On my computer, the outline option is the first option available.

  3. Once opened, a box will highlight the phrase, "Your text here." Hit delete. This should clear the box.

  4. Now, change your font size to the largest available and choose your font. I chose Mistral. Once you have chosen your font, type your title in the box and click "OK."

  5. Your title will appear on your open Microsoft document with eight little boxes around it. Position the mouse over one of the boxes until it changes into an arrow. Using your mouse, stretch your title box to your desired size using the rulers at the top and side of your document. See how your title stretches? You can make your title taller by pulling down on the bottom boxes and longer by pulling on the side boxes.

  6. Once you have your title sized correctly, you can print it. Make sure that your paper is sized correctly. For a longer title, put your document on landscape so that you have 11 inches to play with.

  7. From the printer, grab your title and clip around it, but not too close.


  8. Flip your trimmed title over and spray with a light dusting of temporary adhesive. Too much will ruin your title.


  9. Holding one corner of your sticky title, flip it over and place on the product you want your title to be cut from (cardstock, chipboard, specialty paper). I like to use scraps for this. You only have to attach the title where letters are present. If you have white space around your title, you don't have to put that part on your scrap.

  10. Following the outlined guide, start cutting your title out. Be careful to stay close to your outline, because where you cut is what your title will look like.


  11. Once you have cut all around your outline, your title is complete! I love to do this while watching TV because I can easily put it down and pick it back up.

    ** A note about "D's," "E's," etc.  
    When cutting these out, I will use either my exacto knife to cut out the center, or I will use my scissors to carefully slice open the letter to cut the middle out. This is the easiest way to do it. If you're not handy with the exacto knife, don't worry about cutting it out with the scissors. If you use good glue, once you glue your title down, nobody will see the tiny slit your scissors made on your letter "E" to get the middle part out.

  12. Assemble your project using your title and you're done!


I find this technique easy and relaxing. If it's stressing you out, put it down and try again later.


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