5 Stamped Border Ideas

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Tiffany Roberts

I have to admit to being a fickle scrapper. My tastes change with every new "must have" product I see on the shelves of my local scrapbook store. That being said, there are a few supplies I find myself drawn to over and over again for use on my scrapbook pages. My stamps and inks fall into that category. I would like to share some border ideas I created using my stamps and inks.

The first border is easy to create in any theme you like. I chose hearts for mine, but you could easily hand cut abstract shapes, die cut specific shapes, or use a large tag punch for different looks. The steps for this type of border are easy.


  1. Stamp small images or words onto scraps of monochromatic papers.
  2. Hand cut, die cut, or punch out your desired shape from the stamped papers.
  3. Mount your shapes onto another color
  4. Punch holes in each corner and attach shapes together using wire.
  5. While stringing your wire add metal letters that go with your page theme.
  6. You can also add charms, buttons, mini tags or other small embellishments to enhance your title.


The next border is just as versatile. By changing the color and style of the patterned papers you can achieve a totally different look.

  1. Hand cut abstract rectangle shapes from scraps of patterned papers.
  2. Use a bold, foam stamp to create hearts or other shapes on the end pieces.
  3. Using three or more different styles of ABC stamps create a title word.
  4. Attach your blocks with mini brads, staples, sewing, or eyelets.


My third border idea uses craft foam. This fun medium is easy to die cut as well as stamp on. Remember to choose a stamp that isn't too intricate if you would like to try this technique at home.

  1. Die cut circles from a sheet of Fun Foam.
  2. Heat up the foam with an embossing gun until the edges start to curl towards you.
  3. Immediately press a clean (un-inked) stamp into the warm foam.
  4. Gently pull the stamp away and see your impressed image.
  5. Embellish image with glitter, buttons, etc.
  6. Punch a small hole in the top of each circle to create a tag.
  7. String the stamped foam tags onto ribbon to create your border.


On the fourth layout, "Beachy Dream," I created a border using stamped slide mounts and twill. You can use pre-purchased slide mounts in paper or plastic. If you are using plastic slide mounts remember to use a solvent ink, such as StazOn Ink.

  1. Die cut four or more slide mounts from medium weight matte board, or from a similar colored cardstock.
  2. Using multiple colors of ink, dab, drag, and sponge layers of colors onto the slide mounts. Start with your lightest color and build up to your darkest.
  3. Add stamped words and images that match your layout theme.
  4. Place small photos behind your slide mounts and attach to a piece of twill or ribbon using small brads.


My last border idea involves stamping onto buttons. The larger the buttons the easier it is to stamp on them. You'll need to use a solvent ink or heat set your letters so that they don't smear. I used StazOn ink for my project.

  1. Stamp small images onto a piece of 1" wide ribbon.
  2. Adhere large and small flowers on top of the ribbon border. Small flowers can be attached using mini brads. Large flowers can be adhered with glue dots.
  3. Stamp short words onto large buttons for the centers of the largest flowers.
  4. Adhere buttons to flower centers with a fast drying, clear liquid adhesive.

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