Retro Design Inspiration - 1970s

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Article Courtesy by Tiffany Roberts

What do you think of when someone says "retro"?  I automatically think disco, daisies, and the 1970s.  There are lots of fun images and color combinations that are inspired by the crazy disco days of the mid 70s.  Crochet and bead trim, novelty stitching, psychedelic prints and loud floral combinations can all be attributed to this dynamic decade.

 I love all things retro, so it was fun to take a look at the fashion and colors popular during the 1970s and incorporate some of that into my own scrapbook layouts.  Since the seventies were an era of freedom and artistic expression it's a perfect inspiration for my own scrapbook layouts and projects.

So bust out those patent leather boots, that gold lame' blouse, or those denim bell bottoms and let's have some fun using the colors and themes popular in the 1970s in our modern artistic ventures.

Groovy Card

This is a fun little card created with papers from the Die Cuts With a View Retro Mat Stack.  I love to use mat stacks when creating cards because the smaller sheets mean less mess. Plus they offer a lot of versatility and are easy to store in a small amount of space.




This fun layout is busy, busy, busy, but then again, so is the subject matter!  The parade in Disneyland is full of movement and color.  What a perfect subject to be inspired by the crazy color combinations and glitz of the disco era!  These border strips from Die Cuts With a View are a bold combination of daisy, swirls, stars, and dots, perfect for a Disney layout.

Believe it or not, it was actually hard to scale down the huge number of parade photos I have to the several that appear on this two-page spread!



If you would like to add a fun and funky look to your own projects try adding patterned papers, crochet trim, vinyl lettering, or psychedelic or mismatched prints for a "groovy" seventies flair that is sure to add a new twist to your layouts!


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