Sketch 0006

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Article Courtesy by Rachel Myerson

This month's sketch features a block design with space for five photos: one large central photo plus four smaller ones. I find that sketches with this many photos are perfect for events, such as vacations, where there are a lot of photos. Of course, some of the photo blocks can be filled with other elements such as patterned papers, embellishments, or additional journaling. I asked several designers to interpret the sketch and make it their own.


Andrea Steed used the sketch for an event that had a lot of photos. She followed the sketch exactly except that she split the larger photo block into two sections for a total of six photos.


Mary Eason made the border thicker and put some of her title and embellishments onto the border. She also added interest by using a scalloped edge along the bottom.


Kimberley Rennie chose to eliminate the border and rounded corners in her interpretation of the sketch. She used five photos from the same event and tied them together with a matching color scheme and creative embellishments.


Trish Dykes adapted the sketch for 11" x 8.5". The horizontal shape left some of the photo elements very small, so she chose to replace them with patterned paper.


I used the sketch to make this two-page layout. For the left, I kept the sketch as is, but stamped a border. I also replaced two of the photos with patterned papers. On the right side, I rotated the sketch and changed the relative sizes of the blocks.


Feel free to interpret the sketch and make it your own. It can be rotated or flipped. Elements can be changed, eliminated, or added to suit your photos and taste. Just remember to share your interpretation here in the gallery at Scrapjazz.


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