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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Patter Cross

1_291If you are a visual learner, then you need to visit Leah Fung's blog, Leah's Desktop Dictionary.  Leah Fung is a contributing editor for Scrapbooks Etc. magazine and a fabulous designer.

Through this blog, Leah, Johanna, and Donna bring you all sorts of instructional videos (vBlogs)-everything from organization, tools, mini books, cards, and more.  The videos vary in length (approx. 4-9 minutes) and some even share funny outtakes at the end.  Currently, there are 53 instructional videos.  Here is a small sampling of topics:

Organizational Ideas

  • No. 3 Quick Storage Tip
  • No. 32 Storage

How To's

  • No. 33 Mini Books
  • No. 35 Treat Bags
  • No. 38 Paper Flowers
  • No. 40 Notecard Book


  • No. 21 Tools
  • No. 37 Die Cut Machines

Some weeks they even offer fun prizes.  So be sure to check in!

I asked Leah a few questions about her blog, and here is what she said:

How do you decide which topics to feature on your vBlogs?
Donna, Johanna and I choose topics based on what we're into now, what we'd love to share with others, and what seems like fun (the last criteria possibly being the most important). We try to plan the topics a few weeks in advance but sometimes we are inspired by something on the very day we tape, and we go with that.

How often do you update?
We post a new video pretty much every week on Monday or Tuesday. We started posting videos in January 2008, and we are already on Video No. 53.

Any fun, quick tips on how you create your video tutorials?
If you want to try making your own scrapbook videos but don't want to spend a lot of money on equipment and video editing programs, a good place to start is with a Flip camera and Windows Movie Maker. Oh, and grab a friend or two.  It's a lot more fun that way.

Anything else you want to share with our readers about your blog?
Donna, Johanna, and I learned some of the very basics of filming and editing while we were on the scrapbook show "Scrapbook Lifestyle." When the show ended (because the film company wasn't interested in scrapbooking shows anymore and wanted to focus more on entertainment), Donna, Johanna, and I thought we'd try it ourselves. We were friends and hung out together anyway.  Why not set up a camera?

Through trial and error, we've figured out how to tape, edit, and post our own scrapbook videos, which is something we started purely out of fun. A year later, it's just as fun as the day we started (obviously we don't take ourselves too seriously), but we are amazed at how many viewers we get each day. We're also surprised that scrapbook companies approach us asking us to show their product or to give away their product on our videos. (If we really like it, we'll show it but only if we really like it.) And because of the videos, we now have stores and other scrapbook companies in the U.S. and abroad who want the three of us to come and teach together. It's pretty cool because this all started out in fun.

So for lots of fun, inspiration, and techniques, be sure to stop by Leah's blog, Leah's Desktop Dictionary.


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