Product Review: Queen & Co. Felt Fusion

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Article Courtesy by Tiffany Roberts

1_296There is a fun product on the market that I would like to introduce you to called Felt Fusion. Queen & Co.  have created several styles and color options in the self-adhesive felt border strips.

Seasonal borders for Valentine's Day, Easter and Halloween are available, as well as leaves, swirls, and floral motifs.  Baby- and sports-themed borders are also adorable, and would make wonderful invitations or announcements.  They even have 1.6" thick plain border strips that you can use to create your own border styles with your die-cutting machine or by hand cutting.

Some of the things I really like about this product:

  • Variety - Several colors and styles are available.  Two widths are also available (1.6" and 4.7")

  • Cost - The average price for these borders range from $2.99 - $5.99 each.

  • Strong Self-Adhesive - It sticks to wood, paper, fabric, and plastic.

  • Value - Each border strip is 3 feet long, so you can create several projects with each border piece.

  • Colorfast - There is no ‘bleeding' when you apply paints or liquid adhesives.

  • Easy to Cut - you can trim these pieces to fit any shape or size of item. Use small parts of the border in conjunction with fabric flowers, or other 3D embellishments.


There are only a few things I don't like about this product; mostly I don't like how difficult it can be to remove the wax-paper backing.  Some of these border pieces are very detailed, and getting all of the non-stick backing off can be tedious. 


The only other issue I had with this product was the fact that it's fairly stretchy, and can easily be pulled out of shape once the backing is removed.  If your fingers stick to a small vine or tiny bug wing you have to very gentle when removing it or you can pull things out of alignment.  Also be careful to place this exactly where you want it, because the adhesive is strong and you'll ruin the border piece by trying to remove it from the paper once it is adhered.

Here is a project I recently completed for an article on felt embellishments.


Here are a few ideas for using the Felt Fusion borders to your own projects.

  • Add the Baby Blockborder in either pink or blue to the front of an invitation or birth announcement.
  • Create a frame around a photo using the Scroll Borderpieces.
  • Embellish simple metal buckets with the Easter Egg border for personalized Easter Baskets, or decorate large papier -mache eggs with a pretty Flower Doodleborder.
  • Cut individual parts from the Train or Car borders to embellish party favors.  Not just a little boy's train-themed party either - how about a funky pink, red, and black goody bag for a sweet girl who has turned 16 and gotten her driver's license!
  • Mix and match flowers from a Floral border with leaves from a Vineborder for a dynamic accent on your card or scrapbook layout.
  • Cut out the adorable dragonflies, bees, or ladybugs from this bug- themed border and use them on gift tags, photo frames, or journal blocks.
  • Watercolor designs onto this plain borderpiece and either hand cut or die cut title letters or simple shapes once it dries.
  • Create decorations for your next Super Bowl party using the Footballborder.
  • Embellish the front of a pet-themed, handmade album using the Doggyborder.
  • Create a set of custom, stacking boxes using the wide 2.7' Floral and Vineborder to create a band around the outside of each box. You could use the same style of border in several colors for diversity.
  • Make personalized Trick or Treat bags using this adorable Black Bat or the Pumpkin borders.

There are several ways to incorporate this fun accent into your own projects.  Be creative; try trimming, painting, or embellishing the strips with glitter, gems and ribbons for even more options.  I think you'll love how much fun these are to use!


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