Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Ramona Greenspan

It has been said that baseball is America's pastime.  I couldn't agree more.  In my opinion, there is nothing that symbolizes America better than baseball.  And, as it so happens, I am an avid baseball fan, my family loves it too and my son plays the sport.  In fact a lot of our family vacations involve baseball in some fashion.  So, it is safe to assume that I have taken hundreds of baseball photos and created more than my fair share of baseball-themed layouts.  Let me share my expertise with you.

The foundation of any layout is the photos, and there are tons of great ideas for baseball photos.  For example, whenever I am visiting a ballpark, I always take a photo of the scoreboard.  It is filled with important information that you might like to include on your layout such as the name of the field, the date and the box score.  It is even better if you get your friends and family in the photo with the scoreboard in the background.


I also like to get photos of the individual players on the field or taking their turn at bat.  Here is where it helps to either have a great seat or a good zoom lens.  If you get to the park early, some stadiums permit you to get close to the field and that would allow you to take photos of the players warming up or taking batting practice.


Make sure to get photos of any mascots or special guests that may be at the stadium.  For example, for my son's birthday party last year we took several of his friends to a Hudson Valley Renegades minor league game and none other than SuperFan  was in attendance.  I was sure to snap a picture of all the partygoers with him.  This will surely make great memories for my son.  While on a trip to San Diego, my family and I visited Petco Park to watch the Padres play.  Before the game, the mascot was walking around the stadium and I got these super cute photos of each of my children with him.  


If you are like me and have a son or daughter who plays the sport, then there are some photos you will want to take such as...

  • in their full uniform
  • swinging the bat
  • on the field
  • on the pitcher's mound
  • sitting in the dugout
  • posing with his team and/or coaches


My friend and fellow baseball mom, Jennifer Miller, suggested taking a photo of your child in uniform in the same pose and location every season.  That way you can see how your child has grown over the years.  I think that is an awesome idea and one I intend to use in the future.


A good layout always needs a catchy title, and there is no shortage of baseball-themed title ideas.  Here are several:

  • Play Ball
  • Team Player
  • All Star
  • The Boys of Summer
  • Throw Like a Girl
  • America's Pastime
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame
  • At Bat
  • At the Plate
  • At the Ballpark
  • MVP
  • Slugger

This brings us to memorabilia such as ticket stubs, autographs or scorecards.  I like to include them on my baseball layouts.  However, most of these items are not acid-free and over time may harm your photos.  So, I recommend using an acid neutralizer such as Archival Mist before including them in your scrapbooks. 

Now that you have great photos, catchy titles and important memorabilia for your layouts, all you need are the perfect baseball-themed products.  For all you paper scrappers, there are patterned papers, die cuts, chipboard, stickers and even albums for baseball or softball.  

I hope that I have provided you with some fun photo and layout ideas so that you can create your next baseball-themed layout with ease.


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