10 Questions with Stacy Julian

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By Trish Dykes

stacyjulianWell known as the leading lady at both Big Picture Scrapbooking and the former Simple Scrapbooks magazine, Stacy Julian has inspired many aspiring scrapbookers. I had the privilege of talking with her recently about her role in the industry, her personal scrapbooks, and her family. 

  1. Why do you think scrapbooking has such a large following?

    Easy. Scrapbooking is about memories and EVERYONE has memories of people and places and things they love--special moments they want to remember. Throw in the creative process that can be such a vital thing for women and you've got a winning combination. We just have to fight the urge to make scrapbooking too hard and we'll have it made!

  2. What one scrapbook supply do you love and wish you had thought of first?

    You know, I have to be honest and say that my brain doesn't think or innovate in terms of product. I LOVE that amazing feeling of experiencing a new product for the first time. I often jump and down with joy and amazement at trade shows, but I don't have a desire to live in that world. I appreciate beyond words the talented manufacturers and designers that can surprise and delight me and hope they continue to do so!

  3. Do you like to scrapbook alone or with a group of other scrapbookers?

    I LOVE to scrapbook alone, in fact I crave solitude. I love the quiet of the night or the early hours of the morning--rare moments when I can think and create.  I'm sure I would get lonely in a very short time, if I didn't have my family around me, but there is so little down time in my life right now, that I don't seek out companionship when I'm scrapbooking.

    I do get to be with and hang around other scrapbookers at events, but I tend to be so distracted by their individual stories and talents that I would have difficulty settling in to work myself.

  4. Are your layouts/projects deadline-driven or do you actually get time to scrapbook for yourself?

    This is an interesting question, because with the demise of Simple Scrapbooks magazine, I have lost the source of some of my deadlines. I still have deadlines when I teach at Big Picture Scrapbooking, but I am learning how to prioritize my time and structure my day so that I have energy to dedicate to regular scrapbooking. I have always refused to give up my personal creating because it absolutely fuels my passion for teaching and writing, but I am rethinking how I will make time.

  5. What one project have you been wanting to do, but haven't gotten the chance to do yet?

    An 8" x 8" theme album for my son Taft. When my children turn 8 years old, they are baptized into our faith and I make them a book about their "names." I use the letters of their first name to celebrate their developing personality and record the story of selecting their given (first + middle) names. I then include information about our surname, Julian, and remind them of the importance of honoring it. The album concludes with my personal feelings for the importance of being baptized, taking on the name of Jesus Christ and becoming a Christian.

    Taft turns 8 this month (May 2009.) Hopefully by the time this interview is posted, I can report completion!!

  6. What tradition have you started with your children that has become your favorite?

    I don't think I can commit to a favorite tradition. The traditions I do the best job of following through on are part of our annual holiday celebrations and I enjoy them all. But, what I love more than holiday or seasonal traditions are the simple family rituals that develop over the years--things like Friday movie nights, Saturday morning pancakes, yogurt with sprinkles, "tuck-in" time --- stuff like that. Rituals come and go as children grow and I'm certainly not 100% on these kinds of things, but I think I derive the most satisfaction from them.

  7. What is the best compliment that you have ever received?

    There are two that come to mind right away. The first one is a very fresh memory. A wonderfully kind and generous woman who works in the industry approached me after I gave a presentation and told me that when she is around me, she wants to be a better person. This comment really struck an emotional chord with me and I felt an amazing sense of gratitude for what I get to do. The second one came from my husband, years ago. Geoff doesn't dole out compliments all that often and one night we were supposed to go on a date and I was rushing to get ready. He came in the bathroom, where I was leaning over the sink, applying make up. He said, "Come on Honey, let's go -- we're going to be late." I said something like, "I'm coming as fast as I can, but I have to put on some lipstick,"  to which he responded. "You don't need make up, you're a natural beauty." I was totally surprised by this and have never forgotten it. I mean, wow, what a sweet thing to say--especially because I felt he really meant it.

  8. If something were to happen to you today, what is the most important thing you would want to leave your children with?

    Now you're getting personal. Oh well, I suppose my life is an open book. I most want to leave my children with the assurance that this life is not the end. I absolutely believe that family relationships are meant to last forever. I have a strong and steady sense of peace in my life; because my children already know that our faith and the principles I am raising them with is my greatest source of happiness.

  9. What do you consider to be "a perfect day" in the life of Stacy Julian?

    Hmm, I recently wrote this in my journal: "I don't believe in perfect days, but I do believe in perfect moments." However if half or more of the following "perfect moments" happen, on any given day, I'm happy as a clam.
    • get up early
    • burn a candle
    • pray
    • read my scriptures
    • exercise (preferably jog or yoga)
    • take a shower (preferably unrushed)
    • dress in something colorful
    • eat breakfast while sitting down
    • talk to my sister on the phone
    • remember to eat lunch
    • play with Addie or at least sing a song, or read a book (before the nanny comes)
    • start the laundry
    • make a list
    • do some of the things on my list
    • avoid email until after noon
    • create something
    • organize or clean something
    • put sprinkles on something
    • read good blogs
    • listen to my children
    • go outside
    • eat something yummy
    • stop to notice something
    • write something
    • finish something
    • drink a cup of herbal tea
    • laugh really hard
    • dance to music (I do this while washing dishes)
    • get my family in the same room at the same time
    • hug my husband
    • read to Trey and Taft
    • tuck in my teenagers
    • read something that makes me feel smart
    • fall into bed exhausted (I can count on this one!)

  10. What is the best part of having a little girl in the family after having four boys?

    Without a doubt, the best part is the shoes. Addie has more shoes than all of my boys combined and she carefully selects the pair she will wear each morning. Then she carefully changes her mind twelve times during the day.  It's the shoes for sure!


To find out more about the online scrapbook classes that Stacy offers, go to http://www.bigpicturescrapbooking.com/



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