Product Review: Bazzill In Stitch’z Products

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Article Courtesy by Maegan Hall

Rather than finding hand-sewing tedious, I actually enjoy it. However, when I saw a way to make it easier and faster, with Bazzill In Stitch'z new line, I was intrigued. Basically, instead of guessing how to perfectly space your stitching or brads apart from each other, their templates do it for you. They also offer thread and needles for those of you who plan on sewing your designs. Here's what's so great about them.

About the Products: 

It depends on what you're buying, but most items are under $5. The line includes templates, needles, thread and a mat. Everything is ready to use out of its original package, which is also re-usable for keeping your products safe and neat.


Each template is labeled with easy-to-follow lines that make it simple to use. The templates range from borders, shapes, words and designs. They even offer collection packs for those of us who can't get enough. The templates are flimsy, and can be bent or creased in an unfavorable way if you're not careful.

Needles and Piercing Tool:

Sure, you might be able to find any old embroidery needle to sew with, but I just love the way these are organized in a card and then kept safe in a plastic package. The piercing tool has been a must-have for me! I love the wooden handle and how its package keeps the needle from poking me, or anything else. It's also small and easy to take to a crop.


I haven't noticed anything ultra-fancy about the thread. It seems like normal embroidery floss. The good thing is that they have it wrapped nicely on a card and even give you two needles on the card to use as well. They match some great colors together for those of you who might be overwhelmed by 10 shades of green floss at your local craft store.

Other uses:

You can use the straight-edge border which frames the circle template for straight-stitch projects.

 4_158   5_109

You can use the templates for perfect brad, gem, or bling placement.

You can use the circle template to mark where to cut your journaling/photos into a circle.

Last Thought:

You could say that I bought one of everything, although not every shade of thread. The products have exceeded my expectations and I can't wait for you to try them yourself.


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