Travel Scrapbooking: Road Trips

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

The word "drive" can be defined as, "The act of driving; a trip or an excursion in a carriage, as for exercise or pleasure.' A road trip can be a long drive in a car but it can also be the drive (verb) for a scrapbooker - a drive to take photographs, journal and design layouts and mini-books. Here is some inspiration for documenting your next road trip.

1_341Photography. A road trip differs from other kinds of vacations because of the time spent on the road, in the car and getting to the destination. Make sure you take photographs of things that you wouldn't see if you weren't on a road trip. Photographs of things seen out of the window, things happening in the car, the car itself and various stops along the way can add to the feel of the road trip. I like taking photographs of what people are doing inside the car.

You can even take photographs of rest stops, signs and restaurants you encounter as you drive on your vacation.

Suzelle Kasaian used a photograph taken at the beach on their road trip. The word "road trip" in the sand was a great photograph for her layout.


Keep your camera handy and your mind ready to take those photographs. 

Journaling. Road trips provide special journaling opportunities. Consider the stories that revolve around the trip, your journey and the vehicle. What happened as you were planning and taking this trip? What route did you take? Did anything unusual happen? Any of these stories can make great journaling entries. When my daughters were old enough to entertain themselves in the car, I wrote about it in my layout, "Road Trip."


Journaling could also take the form of a day-by-day accounting of the events. In Irene Mueller's Road Trip mini-book, she devoted a page for each day's events. Her journaling was done on an old manual typewriter to match the feel of the rest of the book.


Design. With great photographs and journaling, there are a variety of layouts that can be done from a road trip. Your trip may evoke a certain mood or feeling. Choose colors and papers to match that mood. Don't forget to include memorabilia picked up along the way. Maps can also lend a great perspective to the trip.  Suzelle Kasaian included a map that shows their road trip route in her layout.


If you are making a book of layouts from your road trip, there are many design options for covers. You can create a shabby cover such as Suzelle Kasaian's cover.

6_78  7_51

Another option would be to do a more graphic cover like mine.

A road trip mini-book can be made ahead of time. Irene Mueller created a mini-book for a California road trip to San Diego, assembling the cover and the pages before even packing for the trip. When she returned all she had to do is add photographs, rub-ons and embellishments. She used a vintage theme and maintained it throughout the mini-book.



Enjoy your road trip and the photographs and memories of that trip.

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