Step-by-Step: Carnival

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Article Courtesy by Polly McMillan

Carnivals are not only great fun, they're a great opportunity for super photos!  When I snapped this shot it was nearly dark, so the lights of the Ferris wheel twinkled and sparkled.  A carnival photo calls for fun patterned paper and colorful embellishments.  I chose black as a background to make the colors really pop.




  1. Trim ¼" from the edges of the black cardstock and mount onto the red cardstock.
  2. Cut patterned paper to 7" x 9"  and use black pen to outline the edges; then mount on the background cardstock.
  3. Mount the photograph.
  4. Adhere the chipboard swirls and title letters.
  5. Accent the chipboard swirls with rhinestones.
  6. Stamp your journal block and mount on the lower left corner of the photo.
  7. Choose a fun die cut to accent the layout and mount to the left of the journal stamp.


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