Envelope Fold Card

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Georgina Hefferman

I really enjoy making cards. I love how they come together so quickly but look so effective. They can be simple or a little more complicated to make but either way, the end result is always satisfying.

That is why the envelope card is perfect for that creative craving; it is simple to make but has a real wow factor built in, making it a perfect card to give with a special gift.



  • 1 sheet of patterned paper sized 11" x 11"
  • pair of scissors
  • ruler
  • bone folder / paper scorer
  • cardstock and paper for matting, layering and decorating
  • glue runner
  • stamps, ink and colored pens
  • other embellishments you wish such as ribbon and bling


  1. Place your sheet of 11" x 11" paper on the table in front of you. You need to ensure the pattern you want to have on the outside of your card is facing down.

  2. Diagonally fold your paper in half, ensuring a crisp fold with your bone folder. You should now have a triangle-shaped piece of paper.

  3. With the tip of the triangle facing upwards and the fold line along the bottom, mark along the fold line at 5.5" and 3" from either end. You will need to score along these lines using your ruler and bone scorer. You should have four vertical score lines in total.

    When you have done this, measure 3.5" down from the tip of the triangle and score across horizontally from left to right.

  4. Where your score lines meet towards the top of your triangle, there will have formed two smaller triangles. You need to cut these out carefully with a sharp pair of scissors.


  5. Fold in the paper from the score lines at 3" on either side.

  6. Fold in the paper from the score lines at 5.5" on either side.

  7. Where you have folded in at the 3" mark, you will have another small triangle. You will note this forms a slight pocket when pushed.

    Push the middle of this pocket downwards to make a diamond shape and press flat to secure.

  8. Repeat step seven on the other side of your card


  9. Turn your whole card over.

  10. Fold one of the sides back over on the score line at 5". This will be folded onto what was the back of your card.

  11. Repeat on the other side.

  12. Fold the top triangle downwards to form the opening to your card. You will note the diamond shape on the front will be a perfect pocket to slide your opening into. This keeps the card secure and of course gives it the "envelope" feel.


  13. Unfold your card once more and with adhesive secure the opening by adhering the patterned paper to itself. This ensures the card does not come loose.

  14. Glue inside one of the diamond shapes. You will need to leave the other unstuck to ensure the opening flap can be slide inside the pocket.

  15. Adhere the diamond shape to the front of the card to ensure that it too is secure.

  16. Decorate the inside of your card. I have matted a piece of white paper with some black cardstock and placed that on the square base of the card. I have decorated this with some gemstones. This will be the space on which I can write a message.  I have then stamped and colored some images which I have cut out and adhered to either side of the card.


  17. Adhere some ribbon under either diamond pocket. Matt and layer some white paper on black cardstock to match the side of your card. You could stamp an image here, although I have just written a message.

  18. On the front diamond pocket I have done as in step seventeen. I have then slotted the opening of the card into the top of the diamond pocket and secured further by tying the ribbon.


There we have it, the envelope card! I hope you enjoy making this card and I would love to see some of your creations uploaded to the gallery.


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