Pet Memorial Pages

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

Four months ago I lost my 15-year-old English Cocker Spaniel Merlin to cancer. Since we knew he would be passing soon, we had time to spend especially with him. When the day came, though, it was still hard. To deal with my emotions, I created a special page for him. Scrapbook therapy was a great way to release my emotions and to remember him. Here are some ideas for you to create some special pages to remember your pet.

Relationships. Take a moment and think about the various relationships your pet has in his or her life. Who did your pet like or dislike? Who took care of the pet? Who bonded most with the pet? Think about the pet's many relationships and scrap about them. Include a photograph if possible.

Final Memories. No matter how our pets pass away, it is an emotional time. It may be a time of trauma and heart-wrenching decisions or it may be peaceful. Regardless, the last memories will be emotional. The decisions you made on behalf of your pet and how you shared the end of your pet's life can be recorded on a scrapbook page. It can be therapeutic to write down the details, even if you never plan to show them to anyone. If you have a photograph of you and your pet include it on the layout. A few days before Merlin passed away, my husband took a photograph of him and me together. The quality isn't very good, but the memory of us together is special in my heart.


Life Collage. Take a step back and look at the big picture. To do that, use a collage of photographs to highlight the life of your pet. When Merlin died, I decided to highlight the whole of his life by creating a collage of his years with us. I used one photograph for each year and included it in a collage.


Reflection. What did your pet contribute to your life? What qualities or things about your pet brought meaning to your life? After Merlin died I reflected on his impact on my life, the lessons he taught me and the bond we shared.


Gratitude. Our pets give us so much it is only fitting to recount our gratitude toward them. Consider creating a page about thanking your pet for its many qualities and attributes.

I hope doing a memorial to your pet will be helpful to you. Enjoy the things you create to remember your pet.

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