Using the Date in Your Title

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

Numbers are important and dates often tell an important part of the story. But how often do we think to use the date as a title? The date can work very well as a title and provide focus to the subject of the layout. The date can be created from any font, sticker, chipboard or other alphabet and numerical products. The exact size or location will depend on your layout design. Use it just as you would any title. Here are some examples of how to do that.

Numerical or Written. The date can be either written out such as "two thousand and nine" or in its numerical form such as "2009." Both are attractive but one may fit the space better or be a more appropriate style for the layout.

Vertical or Horizontal. The date can have an orientation style of either vertical (up and down) or horizontal (side to side.) The design and style of the layout may help to determine which would be more appropriate. In my layout about Halloween costumes, I used the year as the title to differentiate it from other years. To add interest and to work with the vertical design, I rotated the date for a vertical orientation. The written date fits the space better.


Partial title. The date does not have to be the entire title. It can be a part of a longer title while still being an integral part of the title. In my layout about my dog Arthur, I started the title with his name and then used the year as a second part of the title to emphasis the date of the photograph.


Use Color. Use color in your title. The color can either differentiate between different parts of the title or different dates in the title. Color adds interest to the title.

Two Dates. The title can contain more than one date. Often, this would be a contrast of two dates such as seen in a before-and-after layout. In this case, the dates would be a part of the title. When my dog Merlin died I did a layout about him. The title "1993 - 2009" featured the year of his birth and the year of his death.


Since dates are so important to a story, consider adding the date to the title of your layout.

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